USA Today's normal site, on the other hand, is abysmal. It took so long to load, and was just cluttered; I couldn't get around it, I couldn't read, there were ads and tracking scripts everywhere, and my laptop's CPU spiked.

What is the benefit to them of providing that by default? The EU version made me want to go back, and I don't even know if USA Today is a reliable news source! But the other… I was actively repulsed by it.

I would pay for a reliable news site that looked like their EU one.

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USA Today (the Gannett news site)'s GDPR-compliant website (their "EU experience") is a shining example of web design. It didn't bring me to tears, but it wasn't far off; if I'd had any pre-existing emotional attachment to it, it would've.

When I visited, it loaded resources from but three domains: the single HTML page from one, the CSS file from another and all of the images from an in-house CDN. There was no JavaScript, and there was no need for JavaScript.

Even the HTML was readable!

There's some mysterious program creating .goutputstream files on my computer. They popped up in an arbitrary-looking directory I was working with (the src folder for my latest Rust project), and then disappeared before any program but pcmanfm noticed them.

Does anybody know of a program I can run that'll grep every file access and log matching calls (a bit like strace), but for all processes on my machine?

That sounds a bit like a rootkit, so I want something libre, and preferably readable.

that, due to the power of scale, just a few kb in reduction can result in thousands of kg in emissions reduction.

Specifically, @danny reduced the MailChimp for Wordpress plugin by 10kb, preventing 59,000 kg of CO2 per month according to calculations.

Time to start making ?

Interviewee: So long as you're not verifying my achievements, I think you'll find me to be a very impressive candidate.

Death... This is truly horrifying.

— Oddom Vutokthosbut, Wrestler

@wizzwizz4 @rudolf You need to root it, because Play Services expects some accomodations in the rootfs IIRC. Normally Chinese ROMs include these, to enable people who want to just install Play Services to do so.

I don't know if microG works on these phones though.

vague rant 

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What you're referring to as GNU/Linux is, in fact, systemd-gnud/systemd-linuxd

@foxhkron edit is something a lot of people won't and activitypub even has update activities yet none of the major impls are doing it. rather epic

@hatbot: I'm not going to approve your follow request until I know what you want it for. This is the third one you've sent me, after I declined the last two.

You're following 3000 people by one count and 9700 by another. That's more people than toots. You're obviously just following for data processing purposes, but it's not clear what they are, save some graphs.

@stolas This is why I hate ads. A lot of people feel like they don't mind ads or feel immune to them, but we're not. We can all recite so many slogans and trademarks. They really know how to get to us.

Don’t watch content with ads. Pay a fair price for content that isn’t ad-supported. Take back control of your life from the ad agencies and marketing companies.

I just saw a headline about how many Bloomberg ads there are and I had no idea what they were talking about. It’s great. Try it.

I finally got my PHP script to stop segfaulting!

Of course, I didn't make that happen by fixing the code. I just kept tweaking the environment until it worked once – any further issues are the fault of the person running it.

I was trying to report a user on Mastodon, but then the user was removed in some way. This crashed my web client!

Has anybody else noticed this issue?

On Windows 10's "check for updates" button:

> So they have intentionally created a button which behaves differently depending on phase of the moon. I can now understand people that say computers don't make any sense.
– user694733

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