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The Copenhagen Interpretation of Ethics. Almost No One is Evil. Almost Everything is Broken.

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wonder where the folks are who take kids' digital privacy seriously? i hope i'm not the only one seeing how surveillance capitalism is training parents to spy on their kids and normalize that behavior.

to this day i don't trust my dad because he tapped my calls. this shit isn't ok to do to kids.

hot take you can't make a platform that magically doesn't have racism

if it's a product of our racist society it's going to reflect that

to be clear, some platforms are egregiously bad, but one with the best of intentions is not going to be free of these problems

basically no matter where you go you're going to have to fight to actively make it better

Today is the international Digital Applications Observation Day. Make sure to observe your digital applications thoroughly!

Today is the international . Get rid of your streaming dis-service and get your shows or movies from your favourite file-sharing site, reject ebooks that use DRM... ✊

I really want to sue lots of bad people in 2021. Also defend lots of good people.

Help my dream come true by donating to @eff now and your donation will be doubled¹

¹(Offer good for up to $319K, but if you want to give more, hey let's talk.)

Feels odd that I have to argue against anti-semitism, but if you want an argument that ever extreme right-winger trads will buy, it is this:

The scapegoat/victim STRUCTURE is the problem – it doesn't matter which groups you plug into that equation. The end result is nonsense.

We must work for a society where people are treated as individuals IRRESPECTIVE of what group(s) they belong to.

The rights of individuals are paramount; therefore, scapegoating GROUPS is contrary to this goal.

Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. - Eleanor Brownn

And then Umansky uses this sharp-focused person as a spotlight to show how the system failed at every single level, before, during and after the crisis. How the system's self-protective urge means it can NEVER be improved.

How other places have done better, which means that New York could too - which means that New York's situation isn't an inevitability, it's a choice.


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I really miss the days when we could customize how our browser look. Now every browser looks the same, controls the same, and they use the same amount of memory.

Just like our smartphones. They look the same (black body, similar sizes), they have the same operating system (not talking about android vs iphone, just the same systems).

Tech lost it's originality. People become sheeps, and they change their phones every year, just because it has slightly better resolution, has a little bit more RAM (but the programs will run the same speed btw), etc.

Fuck modern tech!

i wish more essential parts of my life were controlled by fallible software

BTW: Fellow , if you want to help with building a -free supply:
Check out:
They're looking for Kicad editors, RISC-V Firmware developers, integrating ePeas/TI ICs and people experienced with Arduino and similar.

Whenever my notifications are filled with things I don't want to look at, I only have to interact with @tuxcrafting for a few minutes.

Yes, it's always her; that way, I get almost guaranteed “favourited your toot” notifications. Given how many lines I write, those take up a lot of space and push the sad stuff far away.

Plus, she cheers me up.


More DRM-free bookshop's on the list. This time including climate emergency and environmental justice titles, and a huge selection of urban fantasies direct from the author.

There are three hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation and naming things.

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