It's stupid how much money I paid for . I'll be moving back to or a competitor in 2023 (when my Fastmail expires).

@celia Let me know how that goes; I really like Fastmail, and generally am okay paying for software, but since I don't have a good paying tech job anymore I feel like I should cut expenses. But I like their interface and features so much!

@sam I think the best thing that Fastmail has done for me already is combine over 10 mailboxes into one.

On my phone, I use the native Mail app. On the web, yeah, I do use Fastmail's interface but it wouldn't be a huge blow to not have it.

As long as I have my wildcard addresses for receiving and sending. Which Migadu's interface does. :D

@celia Good to hear they do wildcard addresses too, that's nice! The main issue for me would be that I have like 5 domains linked to Fastmail and on most providers that costs more money, but I haven't really looked into the alternatives yet either.

@sam They soft limit you by in/out count per day. Also has a soft limit of 5 domains on the base plan.

Should cover most people's needs, but I don't know what yours are. 😅

@celia oops, just went and looked and it's actually 9 domains (plus 3 inactive ones that I used to use and might use again in the future). Maybe I should cut back on domains and projects instead of email.

@sam They might not mind. The soft-limit is to avoid customers who spam and block their systems.

@celia not bad! I wouldn't have enough storage, but maybe I should just back up old emails somewhere else since I rarely go back more than a few months, then that plan would basically be perfect. Maybe when my Fastmail subscription runs out I'll give it a try, thanks for the recommendation!

@sam Yeah, I enjoyed them enough but moved at a time when I thought "what the hell" -- and ofcourse the contacts and calendar bits were nice.

@jle We'll see when the time comes. 😊

I checked and Fastmail for me expires September 2024.

@celia take a look at purelymail if you haven’t already. on their advanced plan, you’ll be paying something like $6–7 per year. it’s crazy good.

@x That's a second recommendation after @jle - the pricing looks really good, even $10/year sounds great.

@celia @x The downsides though: It's a one man business and hosted in AWS us-east-1 🤔

@jle @celia yeah i’m a little wary of its bus factor, heh. i’ll stick to Migadu for now.

@celia I mean. I'll be the evil empire supporting one, but Office 365, even if it's just Exchange Online, works really well for email.

Cheap at $4/user/month -- plus you get contact and calendar sync, too. I guess that came to Fastmail after I left.

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