Would you use Briar more often, if you could easily use it with @tails?

@briar @tails I already have Briar. I would use Briar more often if I have someone to talk to on Briar. It is the same with all alternative tools

@tuttifruttihat @lordbin
So let's have a chat then. I never used Briar before, but am tempted to try it.

@briar @tails absolutly! would be an important step forward for the project!

I would use Briar more often, if there would be a "normal" desktop client. But I don't know, if that's possible.

@joelschurter You can use Briar with a desktop client today.
(keep in mind that it is still in beta)

@joelschurter @briar Exactly that was my thought,too.I didn't know about the native GTK client.If it's responsive,I can also start using Briar on my phone.

@briar @tails I would use Briar if I could communicate with people on iOS

@briar Frankly, what's stopping me is that the app doesn't run on Android 4.4, but I feel like the last Android 4 user on the planet by now.

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