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reminder: having "no politics" is a kind of politics. it is the politics of least resistance, the politics of the status quo, the politics of those privileged enough to ignore world issues.

Yo Dawg, I herd you like secure messengers, so I put a secure messenger in your secure messenger so you can message securely while you message securely.

Did you know that you can use Briar also as an serverless feedreader?

Every feed you subscribe to will be fetched through Tor, and is stored encrypted on your device.

Content migration is coming soon (some months).

How do you use Briar mostly? / What features do you use the most?

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I'm looking for interview partner, to improve the user experience of @briar to the needs of those that fit at least one of the following category:

- formal or informal organized to resist oppression...
- indigenous, black, POC...
- queer, trans...
- disabled, spoony...
- journalist...
- ? you...

(boost appreciated)


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@briar I love when FOSS projects have strong, clearly articulated values!

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"If you believe systemic oppression isn't "real", or nothing worth to act towards its transformation/abolishment, you're kindly asked to unfollow this account and never engage with it again, until your mind changed.

Go away fascists, racists, colonialists, sexists...! You are not welcome. My values aren't for sell out for a potential higher reach."

Thank you for your existence to everyone else! Your existence matters and is important!

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The #Briar messenger explained.

It is finally something new and fullfils my yesterday's idea of serverless apps. It is not just another chat protocol. You could build chat, blogs, filesharing or dating apps on the top of it (using the #Bramble framework). It even does not need internet to work, can synchronize messages over bluetooth or wifi.

*minor correction:
the interview will be held by Renata not Eleanor.

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In case you happen to reside in Germany, you've probably noticed the effort of the Interior minister to demand from nearly every online operator, to authenticate their users through their passports. (law not passed yet, but being discussed)


We are looking for volunteers to help us testing new features. Prior experience with Briar is not needed:

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Question to user:

How much battery percentage does Briar consume for you?

(if you could specify your phone model, OS, and usage habits that be great! Thank you!)

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