This blog post is a really good summary of various CLI utilities that are (arguably) a step up from builtins. There are several in there that I use, along with several that I decided that were overcomplicated, and a couple I hadn't heard of and want to look into.

(Via @angristan)

@codesections @angristan
I'd really like to experiment more with those CLI improvements but most of my CLI time is spent either on machines I can't randomly install new stuff on or on machines where I don't even have the rights to randomly install new stuff. Just to save myself frustration I try to keep with the commands that are commonly available.

I'll have to go and see which of those recommendations fit that category 😀


@kingannoy @angristan all CLI apps mentioned can be replaced with aliases, but a lot can. So maybe that could be an alternative?
@codesections thanks for sharing the article, it was a very good read 😎

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