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"Fennec F-Droid, which is F-Droid’s unbranded Firefox build, updated to v60, finally bringing all Firefox quantum improvements to android.

By the way, several people told us they find the icon ugly. Think you can do better? Here’s your chance! Send us a new design, and we might make it the official new Fennec F-Droid icon!" according to the latest TWiF @fdroidorg

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Weird that you couldn't downgrade, but at least the workaround worked.

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"In the pursuit of knowledge, there was no point in killing the rabbit before one found out whether or not its eyes were allergic to shampoo, or its skin inflamed by mascara."
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Sane people use GhostScript to compress PDF files.
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Dance like you're using the entropy generated by your movement to create cryptographic keys

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@paul - Think the answer lies in going back to old ways in a sense:
- Have a “home” phone. Either smart phone or VoIP phone. Always stays at home. They know where you live, but your carrier knows that from billing.
- Have an office phone that stays at the office.
- Have an emergency feature phone that stays in a faraday bag in the glove compartment of your car.
- Keep a wifi only tablet for computing that you keep in a faraday sleeve when not in use.

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Anyone happen to know what bad news the UK government tried to bury today?

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According to feedback I've replaced the last sentence with a link that opens the privacy policy in a new tab. Screenshots here:

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Of course, these lobbyists are powerful. I knew someday they'd come after meat/dairy alternatives. I will be annoyed if the FDA steps in considering the FDA is completely fucking useless when it comes to:

- Parmesan
- San Marzano tomatoes
- olive oil
- balsamic vinegar
- truffle oil
- champagne, port wine, and others
- angus, wagyu, and Kobe beef
- honey and maple syrup
- fish, especially red snapper and white tuna
- shrimp, flooded with hormones and antibiotics (no regulations!)
- Cheeses like feta and Gruyere
- Scotch whisky. [Just kidding, we have a special agreement with Scotland. The only reason Americans don't have fake Scotch is someone in the govt fucked up, much to the chagrin of American distillers]

If it isn't obvious, the government has spent the last 60 years protecting big American businesses at the cost of American consumers. If the world's beef producers were only in China the government would have no problem with the market completely flooded with American soy burgers labeled "100% real beef"

Remember kids, everything you read on any product you buy in America is an advertisement exercising free speech. I could sell you a real hotdog "made with 100% Kosher Jewish foreskins" and the government would allow it. As long as you're not hiding poisons or making wild health claims (that would hurt Big Pharma!) the government looks the other way.

If you want this shit cleaned up the proper way you need to vote every last bleeding conservative capitalist out of government.

There's a reason why food is so much better in other countries: they care about their people, not their corporations.
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Does this sound like a fair enough warning? (Goal: Clarity but avoid FUD)

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Just compressed a PDF using Adobe Acrobat

108 MB uncompressed
241 MB compressed

What? How is it even possible?

#adobe #acrobat #properitary #garbage #pdf #conpression

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Come say hello at Make the World Great Again Festival in Amsterdam Noord at and bring your old phone with you. #Recycling
We have surprises waiting!
Let us tell you about the importance of reusing, repairing and recycling. #WeAreFairphone -

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Lubuntu (the lightweight flavor of Ubuntu with LXQt desktop).

The Lubuntu dev team finally switches from LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) to the more modern and actively maintained LXQt (Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment), the switch is now official.

LXQt gives users a classic light desktop with a modern look and feel, supported for a long time thanks to the Qt technologies (KDE Plasma is built on it too).

#Lubuntu #Ubuntu #Linux #desktop #LXQt #Qt

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These security flaws are bad enough, but they're still secondary to the injustice of the Platform Security Processor (PSP), which is an intentional back door built into your computer which you can't control:
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Thank You all for supporting MX Linux on Mastodon!

100 followers mark surpassed :toot:

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What’s your royal name?

Lord or Lady
First Name: Your domain.
Last Name: Your username.
Land: Your password.


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#Nextcloud is nominated again in the #EnterpriseFileSharing category for the StorageInsider Awards - consider voting! Last year we participated for the first time and got 3rd place, how about helping us get 1st this year? #nextcloud

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I will be at Anime North next weekend for Friday+Saturday only! Please stop by if you're attending ^^

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Plasma 5.13 beta is out. New things on trial in this version: Plasma browser integration, System Settings re-designs, new look for lock and login screens, and much more.

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GetTogether now supports marking whether somebody who said they would attend your event actually attended it! This will allow future reporting on actual attendence and estimates of future attendence.

Create your own event and try it out today!