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Over on the is trending, so maybe it is something we can also get going here?

Alright my first goal for my is getting my working. My wife's hobby is photography so I want to give her a more reliable backup solution.

At first I was thinking about setting up "proper" backup software like Backblaze or something, but I want it to be completely open source, cross-platform (because I want data backup as well) and self-hosted.

So I want - 1/2

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This morning the Mrs and myself did a sponsor walk of 13 km (8 miles for Imperialists 😖), to raise funds for research against cancer! Even thou we've already finished you can still send in money, if you want and are able to!

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#LibreSheets (3/3) 

LibreSheets will have at least :
*Sheets management (all songs, grouped per ensemble and set lists)
*Non-destructive PDF editing¹ and annotation² (1]cropping, merging/splitting and fine-grained rotation. 2]stamps, highlight)
*Support for PDF and midi-files (and hopefully more, like multiple image files)
*Auto-scrolling, Bluetooth pedal control and link-to (for D.C./D.S. and Coda jumps etc)

Suggestions and contributions are very welcome and I will create a Git project ASAP!

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Very cool new setting in #Krita 5.1(beta1): use separate cursor settings for eraser. 😍

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We need a volunteer to get v0.20 pushed to Debian unstable. Anyone?

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Today, for example, we had what we can assume to be the same user repeatedly coming into Matrix spamming Poo and Hilter images. Getting banned and then coming back with a new name.

Do better @matrix
It's terrible when using spaces too, since bans are per-room.

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strategy for prevention of heat-related infant mortality, cars, this really should be taught at driver’s school 

Every time you get out of your car,

Glance at the back seat.

Even if you are 100% sure nobody is there,

Glance at the back seat,

Every time you get out of your car.

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Darktable is a free open source raw photo processing app for Linux, Mac and Windows, sort of a libre alternative to Adobe's Lightroom.

You can follow at:

➡️ @darktable

You can download it from the project's website at

#DarkTable #Photography #Photos #Raw #Camera #Developer #Development #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #LightRoom #Adobe #Alternatives

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Privacy is extremely valuable — but it's easier to market a product as 'private' than it is to actually protect the community that uses it.

Don't fall for corporate privacy-washing.


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I went to go build an open source web-based app that has offline versions, and I have had to use two different package managers, at least two build systems, and download hundreds of megabytes of dependencies.

I am constantly surprised what web developers put up with.

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I just installed the latest Postmarket OS (with Phosh) on a Pinephone and goodness they have come a long way.

The OS is basically usable. Which is amazing on such an underpowered device.

Also, convergence worked for me for the first time :) And yeah, I could easily use this with Helix Editor + git for development work on the go. (Keep in mind my daily dev machine is a 16-core desktop with 64GB RAM. So, no, it’s not the same experience. But is it usable? Heck yes.)

#pinephone #linux #phones

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a while back when I was getting started with blender someone recommended if I was ever stumped on something I should open a new session, set a timer and see what I could make out of the default cube

good advice tbh

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Our campus has a proprietary payment system with QR code function… So I reverse engineered the API built an app and voila paying with my watch 😍

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✅ update postmarketos v22.06 Release
✅update Biktorgj modem firmware

Thankfully everything went as expected.
The modem firmware update is a piece of cake now with #fwup

All bugs are features until rebooting 😂

#postmarketos #pinephone

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Calls v43.alpha.2 has been released and is coming to a mobile (or non mobile) device near you soon 🚀

This time around there were mostly smaller fixes and the usual updated translations \o/

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@thegibson “One who breaks an unjust law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law.” - Martin Luther King Jr

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tech companies be like "here are tools to monitor your child's private conversations, social media posts, bank accounts, diaries, browsing history, class attendance, GPS location, and deepest inner thoughts" with parents going "why child not trust me???? ?????"

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okay i've brought this up to a few people and no one has any idea what i'm talking about so i'm going to ask on public instead

does anyone know anything about a game that was... probably on the original game boy. i have a memory of that pea soup colour palette and an isometric perspective. you played as a wizard in a high fantasy world


there was something that you could rearrange the letters of (i think it was the list of spells you could learn? but i'm not sure) and if you put them in the right order, it spelled out a warning about predators in a nearby solar system developing ftl drives to start an interstellar war

and it had nothing to do with the rest of the game

does anyone know what i'm talking about

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