This blew our socks off - 's e-paper display now works on mainline ! 🎉

Thanks to Samuel Holland ( as well as other contributors for this incredible achievement.

@PINE64 Awesme news. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

@PINE64 But what about Dark Mode? Hahaha jk jk that's pretty awesome! I love it

@PINE64 Awesome!! I own a Remarkable e-ink tablet ( and am tired of how they limit basic functionality on that tablet. Would love to buy a #PineNote and sync all my notes to @nextcloud

@PINE64 OMG, I love seeing #GIMP on an e-ink display! Now what would really blow my mind would be seeing this running #Krita! Or... #Blender! 🤯

@paperdigits @PINE64

Yeah, you're right about that. It's Paint. Be that as it may, I'd still love to see Krita / Blender on the pine note! (Although I suspect Krita would be far more usable than Blender)

@PINE64 so...take my money now...or is this a later thing?😂 Congrats to the innovators, pine, and the community as a whole.

@PINE64 Using an EOL #AlpineLinux release no less 😱
Now let's get the same working for the #PinePhone and #PinePhonePro!

@PINE64 this just made my day, thanks a lot for all your work, can't wait for the «explorer» edition :-)


potatoes quality photo really? :)

we want an outdoor photo too. (without commanding you)

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