The and the are two very similar, yet very different Linux smartphones. What makes them so different, and which one should you buy?

We wrote an in-depth comparison article that will hopefully help you choose one:



Great article! Solved many doubts I had about them. I'll eventually buy a librem 5, it seems. However, I'll wait until there is a postmarketOS port for it, as I like plasma and I don't like systemd.

Thanks! One thing, I believe we won't have a pmOS port until the device is released

Wasn't aware of the Librem 5 one. Thanks for reminding. Who owns the devkits btw?

@tuxdevices @josealberto4444 I think I think craftyguy is the only one that has one, he made the photos of the devkit for one of the pmos blog posts

Thank you. I'll look at them, they seem extremely interesting

@tuxdevices Considering Purism also host a social network that allows people to post hate speech, I'll give the Librem 5 a miss 🙄

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