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A feature I might add to soon is a unified database of what smartphones are supported by what projects (pmOS etc) to allow even relatively inexperienced users to find out whether their device can already boot some sort of , and in what state (alpha/usable/...).
As such feature might potentially take a while to implement, do you believe it will be an effectively useful resource also for inexperienced users or not really?

Votes, but also detailed opinions welcome.

Thank you!

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Xiaomi Redmi 4X, a Snapdragon 435 $150 smartphone, now runs Ubuntu Touch, though still in pre-alpha stage.

Former lead and Intel/Clear Linux developer Ikey Doherty is now CEO of @lispysnake, a company making Linux-friendly arcade games on its own high-performance 2D graphic engine.

Welcome back! Looking forward to the first Halloween minigame 馃巸

For those who did not know,
@akiraux is an extremely promising new, FOSS design tool for , following Elementary UX and design. Being still at an early stage of development didn't stop its very first power users to show what it's already capable of:

Aspen batch phones going out next will get an anodized chassis - look at those kill switches. Thank you for your patience as we incrementally ship through tens of thousands of Librem 5 phones over the coming months. Yes, we know you're excited, we are too and you will be impressed! #Purism #Librem5 #Linux

PureTryOut got the latest running in . This is it running on the Nexus 5. It's currently a bit unstable but it's progress :)

Completed PCBs for prototype ("Brave Heart" batch) ! They will be paired with their LCDs in about two weeks (next week is a Chinese holiday).

PINE64 has just released detailed technical specifications for the $25 open source .

Planned (near!) release date, availability and some pictures of the current prototype have also been published.

More on this in our latest article:

Update: The $25 smartwatch will be based on the Nordic NRF52832 SoC, providing a 64MHz ARM Cortex-M4 MCU, Bluetooth 5 and more. Memory will likely be 512KB flash + 64KB SRAM, probably with some added DRAM. Will run FreeRTOS

, recently announced by PINE64 on Twitter, will be the official companion smartwatch. It will sell for about $25 and feature a low-power ARM MCU, heart rate sensor and much more.

3.34 released:

:gnome: improved Adwaita/shell theme
:gnome: several performance fixes and "drastically improved" responsiveness
:gnome: better touchpad gestures
:gnome: custom app folders in AppGrid
:gnome: redesigned Background settings panel
:gnome: ...and much more

馃摻锔 Release video:

馃搶 Release notes:

Huawei Just Started Selling Laptops With Pre-Installed

Some of the best laptops on the market are now shipping with Deepin Linux pre-installed.

The progress of hardware

from left to right: Project Anakin, Project Don't be evil and the final hardware

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