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A feature I might add to soon is a unified database of what smartphones are supported by what projects (pmOS etc) to allow even relatively inexperienced users to find out whether their device can already boot some sort of , and in what state (alpha/usable/...).
As such feature might potentially take a while to implement, do you believe it will be an effectively useful resource also for inexperienced users or not really?

Votes, but also detailed opinions welcome.

Thank you!

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Xiaomi Redmi 4X, a Snapdragon 435 $150 smartphone, now runs Ubuntu Touch, though still in pre-alpha stage.

The is now shipping!

"There are a great many aspects of the phone that have been changed, improved upon and polished since the dev phones [...] such as tweaks to the antenna layout, PCB improvements and [...] aesthetical changes. [...] LCD and digitizer are sealed, so there is virtually no gap between the glass and the screen. The LCD used is also pitch black when the device is turned off as opposed to grey-ish or silver."

It's been a busy weekend! The first part of "Building responsive apps for smartphones with and " has just been published, covering:

- setting up a Gtk+libhandy dev environment
- creating your first *responsive* GTK app
- bundling as for deployment
and more

You can find the tutorial here:

Would anyone be interested in one or two of basic tutorials on how to build responsive apps for smartphones?

List of native Linux smartphones, tablets and wearables (updated: added Privecall TX)

For those who *already bought* a Linux smartphone: which one did you choose?

is promised only as a stretch goal, and a "free" preinstalled VPN does not exactly scream "privacy" as much as it should, but this German device could turn out into something interesting.

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