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A feature I might add to soon is a unified database of what smartphones are supported by what projects (pmOS etc) to allow even relatively inexperienced users to find out whether their device can already boot some sort of , and in what state (alpha/usable/...).
As such feature might potentially take a while to implement, do you believe it will be an effectively useful resource also for inexperienced users or not really?

Votes, but also detailed opinions welcome.

Thank you!

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Xiaomi Redmi 4X, a Snapdragon 435 $150 smartphone, now runs Ubuntu Touch, though still in pre-alpha stage.

is promised only as a stretch goal, and a "free" preinstalled VPN does not exactly scream "privacy" as much as it should, but this German device could turn out into something interesting.

by @kde week 6 update: otpauth URI support in QR code reader app, fixes for playlist in vvave, performance and usability improvements in : Read more at

Just put together a (short) list of native smartphones, tablets and wearables. Ideas on how it could be improved while keeping it minimal?

Further improvements bring better stability, music streaming, better Gtk apps integration, new software and a cleaner UI.

You can read our latest article here:

List of Linux distributions for smartphones, tablets and wearables [update: added column for supported DEs for each distribution]

#PlasmaMobile's third weekly update: Improvements to contacts on Kaidan (instant messaging app), an upcoming mobile BibTex app, better usability for Calindori calendar app, and tons of back-end tweaks.

Plasma Mobile has received tons of improvements and UI polishing in the last weeks, and introduced a new "Plasma Nano" minimal package for embedded devices.

I'm currently tooting from , a Linux Mastodon client app. UI looks neat! @bleakgrey

Former lead and Intel/Clear Linux developer Ikey Doherty is now CEO of @lispysnake, a company making Linux-friendly arcade games on its own high-performance 2D graphic engine.

Welcome back! Looking forward to the first Halloween minigame 🎃

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