Progress in Megapixels on qualcomm phones. Now my issue is the kernel oopsing on camera capture

Our tutorial has been updated to comply with the upcoming libhandy 1.x APIs, making it an up-to-date resource for anyone willing to experiment with modern mobile Linux app development.

⚡ Official back cover will add a hardware keyboard, wireless charging, NFC and more

"Days after announcing the PineCom PDA, the PINE team has released another blog post announcing their progress for October 2020. This includes several plans, such as the PineTime budget smartwatch finally starting shipping with the Infinitime firmware, more details on the Pinecil RISC-V soldering iron and more on the SOEdge (AI) and PineCube...."

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Plasma 5.20, by all accounts a massive release, is here. Plasma 5.20 comes with tons of new features and improvements which will make your Plasma desktop experience easier, smoother and more fun.

Poll: if the PDA (see latest article) was already available for sale (hypothetically around $100), which one between it and the would you rather buy, and why?

📰 PINE64 to launch , a cheaper, modem-free -like PDA

"The first PinePhone, initially launched (more or less) as a cheaper alternative to the Librem 5, gained enormous success thanks to continuous efforts by both software developers and the team, releasing several variants, upgrading specifications and making this $150 Linux phone probably much better than most people would have expected, to the point of having several..."

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Updates on : GPU is much stabler on kernel 5.9! Also battery indicator support is finally being merged into the upstream Linux tree, fingers crossed for how soon this will happen though:

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