Greetings from running natively on a Thinkpad X230t.

YEAH. I stubbornly ran BeOS 5 Pro for many years after Be Inc bit the dust. I have quite a bit of nostalgia for the platform.

@trashheap is there full hardware support for X230t?

@lexo Not sure if it supports the out of box OEM wifi card. Im running a card I swapped in a while back. Im also running coreboot. But I suspect Haiku doesn't care about that.

Does natively support sound, GPU and ethernet on the X230t and basic ACPI.

Haven't tried the digitizer.

@lexo It deffinitely didn't find the webcam though.

@lexo Oh and while it did seem to detect my bluetooth card, I couldn't get it to actually use it.

@wezm It's snappy. It *feels* like BeOS if you ever ran that before. The whole thing is light and responsive. It has a way of letting the OS continue to feel responsive and snappy even if an app has run away with the rest of the CPU.

It's native webkit based browser chokes on anything too complex though. They have Otter Browser available and it's quite a bit better. They could still benefit from Firefox. But I could get a lot done in Otter Browser I think.

@wezm With both Libre Office and Caligra Office their good in terms of office software. Didn't see any calendaring apps available. Which is sad, I consider caldav kind of a requirement these days.

It's still a single user OS though with all the security that implies; and its in bad need of a NextCloud or SyncThing client or something of the like.

@trashHeap Cool, I've been following the project for a long time but have never tried it on actual hardware. I did run BeOS back when they were still alive and you could download it for free (might have been a trial — I don't remember.

The single user thing is a bit of a drawback.

@wezm they had a personal edition for free and a pro for purchase. I *think* personal edition was limited in installation size.

@wezm @trashHeap We already fully implemented POSIX multiuser; you can start opensshd and log in as separate users, etc. The GUI doesn't take advantage of this because we haven't had the time.

@trashHeap @wezm There's no technical feature the OS lacks for Firefox; it's just that porting Firefox to a new platform is an absolutely massive effort nobody has wanted to undertake. If someone with the requisite expertise does, more than happy to assist. Improving the WebKit port is probably easier in the short term.

@waddlesplash @wezm I really kind of appreciate the notion that nothing stops Firefox from being ported save for the size of Firefox code-base and it's sprawling dependency chain.

In it's race to compete with Chrome it has gotten even heavier and more complex to port from what I gather; and it was never trivial tobegin with back in the BeZilla days.

@waddlesplash @wezm
I've seen lots of FLOSS OSes struggle with it. Some BSDs didn't seem too thrilled with the sudden need to support all of rust post Firefox quantum for example.

@waddlesplash @wezm Honestly im really really pleased with how far Haiku has gotten. The nightly I tried, really had me considering sticking around for a lot longer, rough spots and all.

@waddlesplash @wezm Don't worry I am.

I have a lot of Nostalgia for BeOS honestly; and the project is clearly in a state where I can use it for a lot of day to day tasls.

The next time you guys cut a stable or semi-stable release, I might have to consider a permanent install on some piece of hardware long term.

In fact I kind of pray your arm port eventually gets running on a PineBook Pro via @PINE64 . That honestly would be impossible to resist.

@trashHeap @wezm We have so little development time that it gets invested in the x86 version that people actually use. The ARM64 port just got started, but who knows when that will be a thing.

Join us in Freenode#haiku if you intend to stick around, then :)

@trashHeap @wezm We already have Rust ported so that's not an issue at least.

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