Hey if you like following me, then you should follow me here: tech.lgbt/@trashheap

I'm not using this account anymore.

Hey if you like following me, then you should follow me here: tech.lgbt/@trashheap

I'm not using this account anymore.

Hey friends. Im moving over to the lgbt.tech instance. tech.lgbt/@trashheap

Nothing against fosstodon.org. Ive enjoyed my stay here.

I struggled a bit when I settled on fosstodon.org initially.

I was trying to find an instance whose themes were a better balance for me; with good moderation.

I settled on fosstodon.org , but then tripped over lgbt.tech immediately afterwards.

So ive been plotting the move for a while. But didn't want to move after having just moved in.

On the docket for today:

Two vegetarian pizzas (crust from scratch, oven pre-heating for the first pie), some vegetarian spicey sausage balls, spinach dip and low carb tortillas chips to tide friends over between pizzas.

I really hate that there is a hardware company called Minix. The OS is higher on my mental rolodex and the headlines confuse the hell out of me.

Mainly because it would be way cooler from the Minix software project.

"Minix unveils a fanless mini PC with Intel Gemini Lake"


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sexual assault, MIT, everywhere else 

“Move fast and break things” is an abomination if your goal is to create a healthy society.

This is the least of what is written here that should be heard, from yet another voice telling us things that we all know but do too little about.

h/t @ceejbot for bringing it over from twitter for me to see.


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RMS Disgustingness 

Some of you idolize this guy and yeah, he's done some pretty fucking remarkable work. But some of the work is thanks to the attention he's garnered and some of that attention has been garnered thanks to comments and opinions like this.

I'm not okay with that and I think that we should not be hoisting this guy to the top as a "symbol" for Free Software. The idea is bigger than him.

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♲ @Jayronim0@twitter.com: "We choose to do these things not because they are easy but because we thought they would be easy" - game developers

Its suddenly occurred to me how ive been tripping over backwards for years to try and always call linux by stallman's preferred gnu/linux monicker but he wont use 'they' as someone's preferred pronoun.

That's fucked up when you think about it.

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I should have been questioning his language around sex assault publicly much sooner.

And I remain disappointed in the whole GNU Kind fiasco.

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I will be say, its been tough as a Stallman fan. In that up until recent years the public was willing to criticize the man on completely unfair grounds which often served to create noise so that no one had to listen to his points.

Talking about eccentricities instead of his ideas.

I think that made it easy for me to get into the pattern of ignoring everything besides his FLOSS stances.

Well Richard Stallman, founder of free software and the GNU project is going around defending MIT professors who participating the Epstein sex assault ring; from student protestors.

I think it's important when people, even leaders in your community do this sort of thing; that they are criticized.

Honestly, it pains me to say it, but free software has to be bigger than richard stallmen. Its time, probably past time for him to step down.


Deark anyone know how to determine the license of an O'Reilly Open Book if it doesn't seem to be actually specified anywhere? oreilly.com/openbook/

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> #Ecosia is now taking concrete steps to facilitate climate activism. Going forward, all Ecosia employees can engage in climate activism during weekdays – they don’t need to take time off or call in sick. If they incur legal problems, Ecosia will support them and cover any related fees. If reasonable, nonviolent civil disobedience should lead any Ecosia employee to be incarcerated, their time behind bars will be counted as work time.



Well I just bought an Lenovo netbook off of ebay so id have a dedicated machine for . ( As I don't really wanna dualboot out of GNU/Linux on the X230t on the regular ).

1. Order KDE Konqi Sticker with transparent background from KDE's official cafepress.
2. Receive it. Note the illustration is over 50% transparent. Only looks correct on white or bright laptops. Note your thinkpad-black laptop.
3. Source the same image from wikimedia & make an order for a new set of stickers from zazzle.
4. Get grilled a day later on if you have association with the KDE project and if you have a license.
5. Point out that the Konqi image is under the creative commons.
6. Wait

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TERF & artist in residence at questioncopyright.org Nina Paley appears to be on the fediverse, via some proud-to-be-federating-with-gab instance.

I recommend not giving her any attention. Ignore her. Advise your friends in and communities to ignore her. Do not use or remix her art. Avoid her works.

We ought to want our freely licensed works to be welcoming to all. Using Nina Paley's art even inadvertently runs the risk of sending a message we ought to be avoiding.

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