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Right wing libertarian types who identify as such will be autoblocked as they reply to my political posts.

Political posts will be marked w/ content warning as such.

It's nothing personal; I just don't use this account for those kinds of debates.

I need to stop saying "tech giants". The term megacorps exists for a reason.

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Unemployed, need grocery money, selling what I have. #Maille bracelets, anodized aluminum and neoprene, one size fits most, $20 including USA shipping to Please boost. Not asking for donations, trying to pay bills with honest work.

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Google put hidden microphones in people's houses and when caught admitted they shouldn't have been so secretive about it. They claim innocent intentions and the mics were never on. Most people believe them. That's the difference between them and Facebook. If FB did this, folks would flip. Google has credibility, and it's worth asking how they got it, how they maintain it, and whether they deserve it.

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OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR idea for a blockchain startup!

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Pentagon Says All of ’s Work on Drones Is Exempt From the Freedom of Information Act.

.. and Oprah announces that if all the corporate execs in the audience look under there chairs. They will all find their very own TV streaming platforms she is gifting to them.

Kinda hoping that Beneath a Steel Sky sequel Apple just name dropped comes to a platform I can enjoy it on.

Making it an Apple exclusive would be kinda shitty. Considering the entire ScummVM community kept that game relevant for the past decade or more.

Not going to lie it doesn't get much more peak capitalism than staging a multimedia event for a credit card.

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Interesting: "Means TV is an anti-capitalist on-demand digital streaming platform launching in late 2019.

Our subscribers will have access to a library of long- and short-form TV shows and movies - from talk shows, documentaries, stand-up comedy, to adult animation, dramas and more."

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Still unemployed, need grocery money. Selling what I have. #Maille #candle #lantern prices include USA shipping. sorry I don't have librepay. Please boost.

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wouldn't it be amazing if college/university was just like a casual thing? like it's just a place you can go for free whenever you want, don't have to apply or anything, anyone can come in and sit in on a class theyre interested in.

sort of like a library. and there's no tests or anything, it's just for if you want to know more about a subject

Just saying. If the universe didn't want me to eat carbs as comfort food. We wouldn't have Trump for president.

Anyone following me on the who is familiar with the Read or Die franchise? It's one of my favorite things ever.

It's basically a multimedia franchise about introverted book worms with complete telekinetic mastery over paper. Their deep emotional connections with literature, friends, family, each other. Steampunk villains and heartfelt lesbian romance.

There is a lot it gets wrong, because: Anime. But there is a lot it gets right.

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having backed and read Moss's book on the history of games on Macs this was a no-brainer for me

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I'd love to see the shareware model return honestly.

Open source the game engine, release a few levels for free, sell additional levels.

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You know what someone should write? A book about how shareware, as a model, didn't last, but it created a massive industry of people who are still highly relevant—and saw their first success with shareware.

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