It actually wasn't my ISP being absolute rubbish like it almost always is. This time the circuit breaker switched off in the room where everything is.

It's happened before but I have no idea what causes it, there's no extra load or anything.

At least it wasn't the US government out to get me for leftist shitposts though amirite 🙈

There goes my uptime though :(. The only thing that keeps it from staying up are power outages. I'll never be able to post uptime porn at this rate

@pinguino my uptime always gets reset with kernel updates, I just can't live with the giant ""SYSTEM RESTART REQUIRED" on ssh login 😆

@Matter I get lazy and don't restart as soon as I should, but at least I don't get too many on Debian Stable!

Disclaimer: I'm not an electrician, but if your breaker was thrown, either your load is too much or you had a spike.

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