It's been a busy past few months, so hello again, Fediverse!

I did finally figure out though the issue I've been having with my home server. After reboots it'd be unable to connect to the network despite finding no issues with the SD card. Finally realized that the lack of logs meant that the boot process never completes. The issue? Lines in fstab for HDDs that weren't connected. Removed them and no more issues!

Protip to make unsuspecting people think you're doing something important:

Browse the web with Tor and keep open a terminal window running "tail -f /var/log/tor/debug.log"

Been trying out the Pulse keycaps that finally arrived this past weekend. I was so used to XDA and DSA profiles that SA is kinda awkward to use. Doesn't help that I didn't opt for the actual ortholinear modifiers (because I wanted symbols to go along with the rams) so the lower row isn't flatter like they should be.

You know you've spent too much time working in pandas when you try to see if a string contains a word by doing

foo.str.contains('bar') instead of
'bar' in foo

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I think the earth fell alseep and forgot a rotation, because it should definitely be Friday today.

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Shoutout to for giving the world an amazing non-corporate community distro.

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Not gonna lie, sometimes I leave NERDTree enabled in vim so there's more text on screen. Looks cooler to coworkers walking by as we're all accounting/finance people and makes it look like I'm actually doing something important :P

Not only did I forget my tea-straining glass, I also forgot my glasses at home. All I have with my are my prescription sunglasses.

This doesn't bode well for today.

roses are red
violets are blue
use python 3
not python 2

Even with the relatively small amount of Python I know, being able to help others out when they're confused or need clarification is such a nice feeling :)

You know you've gone through more ReCAPTCHAs than any person should ever have to when you start recognizing the streets they show you.

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Just sent over the executable for my script for someone other than me to use!

It's not that complex so I won't have to worry about bugs in it (it just asks for some parameters before using to pull the SQL query and doing some formatting before outputting it into Excel), but I just hope that PyInstaller worked correctly and there won't be any issues when it packaged it.

@pinguino I thought the "we put an X in your X" meme was well and truly dead by this point...

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