Does anybody know of a routing app for a Google-free that also includes traffic? OSMAnd is handy but useless to me when I need to navigate the traffic hell that is this city, and MAPS.ME traffic doesn't seem to work (says I need to update the app despite having manually installed their APK).

I'm holding out for the F-Droid fork to work do test as it's currently broken and can't download an intro map due to locks turned on by the MAPS.ME upstream.

Finally took a jump and upgraded my aging phone. It had stopped receiving updates sometime early last year (thanks network provider). Got a OnePlus5 for cheap with 128GB of storage and finally did what I've wanted to do since the cyanogenmod days and flashed LineageOS without GApps.

Feels so nice to have a deGoogled phone!

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I feel like a lot of time I spend coding ends up with me starting at my screen and trying to figure out the best way to solve a problem. Not like it's bad, trying to be an efficient coder is important (despite it just being a hobby for me), but sometimes I feel like I spend *too* much time just staring.

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Yeah, I come up with great module names.

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The choice #Debian and the community has taken in having DebConf20 hosted in Haifa, Isreal, is a huge dissapointment. A community founded in their Social Contract and one that claims to build a 'Universal Operating System' should not be hosting a conference in an imperialistic, apareteid state. You can't be universal when the Palestinian members of the community will be excluded and you ignore the history of crimes perpetuated by Israel. I expected better from them, honestly. What a way to fly against the spirit of both Debian's Social Contract and the communalism of #FOSS #FLOSS.

Also started using neovim over vim. The reason? Neovim reads its config from ~/.config/nvim/ instead of ~/. Now that I'm testing a potential move to Void :voidlinux:, I want to have a clean slate which includes dotfiles. Debian :debian: was my first distro I got comfy in for years, so that along with me being pretty new to Linux when I started using it means I have a lot of cruft in my homedir

Trying out cmus over mpd+ncmpcpp as my main music player, and I'm really liking its flow! Once I get its config tweaked to how I want it, it'll easily take over music duties.

First step in testing a virtual install of , got my dotfiles install script working great!

There goes my uptime though :(. The only thing that keeps it from staying up are power outages. I'll never be able to post uptime porn at this rate

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It actually wasn't my ISP being absolute rubbish like it almost always is. This time the circuit breaker switched off in the room where everything is.

It's happened before but I have no idea what causes it, there's no extra load or anything.

At least it wasn't the US government out to get me for leftist shitposts though amirite 🙈

I always get so paranoid when I can't connect to my home server. My brain wants me to think the apartment burned down or that the government decided to raid it or something. 100% of the time though it's because my ISP is garbage and is down...

Finally found the correct SQL DB that stores all of the company data (with no help from IT). Now that there's a very good chance I won't need to use Excel PivotTables to pull in data from their cubes, I'm in the middle of making a sort of master class in python that sets up the correct WHERE expression parameters as attributes to pull from the tables of my choosing. Getting closer to my goal of near full automation.

Finally gave in and just installed a fresh virtual instance of :void:

I've been meaning to try it out as a potential distro for a new laptop (whenever that happens) while keeping my fav Debian on a hypothetical desktop.

Hoping it will satisfy my itch for a super minimal install, and it'll give me the opportunity to try custom install scripts that would set up my dotfiles and necessary software.

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Everytime I feel like I'm ready to continue working on the main functionality of the program, I realize there's more work to be done in writing the code for the date module. This accounting calendar better not be more trouble than it's worth!

Been a lot more motivated this past week to start working on my budgeting program!

I feel like I've learned a lot from my last two projects and from incorporating as much as I could with what I do at work, which makes this feel like I actually know what I'm doing and not just bumbling about.

Hopefully I get the base and CLI inteface finished soon so it can be usable before I start the most important part: integration as a bot in XMPP (followed by others hopefully)!

I think I went a little overboard with classes when they finally clicked.

I'm looking through some of the scripts I made at work to automate my reports, and all but one could have the class removed in favor of just one or two functions... I think I just wanted to use classes because it made me feel cool or something 😅 or like I knew more than what I was doing.

Found out through the update from python3.6.8 to 3.7 that the API library for my bot is incompatible with the latter.

Did some searching for a way to locally install multiple versions of to use in virtual envs and found this! So if anyone else has faced similar issues, this might be your answer!

Hey everyone, new account!

Not closing this account or anything, but wanted a space where I could let my socialist shine through. Feel free to follow me there as well!

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