Found out through the update from python3.6.8 to 3.7 that the API library for my bot is incompatible with the latter.

Did some searching for a way to locally install multiple versions of to use in virtual envs and found this! So if anyone else has faced similar issues, this might be your answer!

aren't python versions supposed to be downward compatible? What broke?

@Maltimore @pinguino They are supposed to be but 3.7 broke a lot of stuff for me too. I haven't tried to find what changed though.

@Maltimore @kyuumo They are but it's something weird with async that the bot API uses. Everything else I've tested with works fine with 3.7, and I'm not about to delve into the async source with my limited knowledge 😅 bug report is open though so hopefully it's fixed soon

@pinguino Love love LOVE pyenv, particularly with pyenv-virtualenv and pyenv-virtualenvwrapper! ❤️

@kwnd I was already a pipenv user and it works great with that too! Since I started coding in python as a hobby, I've gotten much better at managing the language on my computer. Gone are the days where I'd `sudo pip3 install foo` and watch me break the system python install!

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