Running "real " on phones means you can use same methods to debug/develop as on a desktop. I fired up cProfiler to investigate why starts up slowly on my .

Ended up submitting four patches, one of them makes cover and the "pill" of new/downloaded podcasts look sharp on high res displays (see screenshot, didn't realize how blurry it was until investigating this 😀) and a one liner that fixes loading cached thumbnails. Got a ~20s faster startup!

@ollieparanoid is the adaptive UI standard now? Last time I tried gpodder on the PP with Phosh it was barely usable even with scale-to-fit

@JayVii_de looks pretty cool with the dark UI! that I fixed the blurry cover images, I have to cringe at that screenshot :D but the good news is it just got merged to master, so everybody will get it soon :>

@ollieparanoid my god this UI looks so much cleaner than iOS or Android

@rav3ndust @ollieparanoid not the name tho
The 'ph' in phosh is an 'f' sound. Phonetically, 'phosh' is written as 'fos' in my language. Fos means diarrhoea. Unfortunate

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