We've been listening to feedback that there are too many password prompts in the on-device installer and that the dedicated user is confusing.

New workflow:
* sshd always disabled
* confusing prompts removed
* follow steps in the wiki postmarketos.org/ssh to enable sshd and to disable password auth


Shout out to @mobian who is also using the on-device installer, contributed quite a few cool things and always had the dedicated SSH user dialog disabled πŸ‘‹

#postmarketOS now includes a firewall that is enabled/configured by default!

More info is on our blog post here: postmarketos.org/edge/2021/06/

Special thanks to @alexeymin and @ollieparanoid for their patience reviewing and testing πŸ˜ƒ

Alright, its official! You can now download prebuilt @postmarketOS images for the 6/T! AND on top of that, kernel updates will work exactly the same way as a normal distro.


Running a tiling WM on your phone sounds like a stupid idea... until you discover . The whole thing is simple but amazing - it takes one or two days to get used to it, but then you know it inside out. Thanks to the built-in extensibility and simple codebase, you can change everything to your liking. This interface and its skilled community have become a great asset in
the wider smartphone ecosystem!

Whoa, this would be epic:

"To this end, I hope to have the Alpine 3.15 build fully reproducible."

Anybody interested in getting alpine , read @kaniini's post and join the effort:


If you didn't listen to @talkpine yet, you should definitively start now. Not only do they have their tenth episode to celebrate πŸ₯‚ , but this one also features an amazing interview with @martijnbraam!


Just had to fix the eMMC of my install from SD after testing a patch. For future reference:


(Not quite happy with the title of the article, better suggestions welcome πŸ˜‹ )

Btw, I used the small image and saw the PIN prompt for SIM cards the first time, looks pretty cool and I like that it provides defaults πŸ˜€

How often do you use #postmarketOS?

Some notes about dailydriving on .


@talkpine: VLC is actually able to save playback positions. the desktop variant is of course not exactly optimized for phones, but I keep coming back to it after trying various other players from time to time.

About time I join the party here on . Or rather, after careful consideration of how much of a timesink this will be vs. the benefit of being able to do some not-directly-pmOS related toots, I decided this makes sense for me πŸ˜€


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