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here's my now that i've moved here to fosstodon!

hi. i'm mookie. i am a... dad, movie watcher, runner, guitarist in training, gamer, engineer of sorts and snarky troublemaker.

i love the movies. i watch lots of movies. i write a lot about movies. i talk a lot about movies. did i mention i love the movies?

I finally found time to implement GeoIP blocking on my mail server. It was easier than I thought. I had this setup before on an old server, but never did it again because of the changes to the MaxMind GeoLite database. Turns out, there was a script for that.
Today's movie was Underwater (2020). It didn't do well in theaters and had some bad reviews. I liked it however, it is a decent b-film creature feature. It doesn't try to be anything more than that and it works.

Hidden Figures is a fantastic film. The cast is all around great. The story is even more relevant in our current times. The movie moves swiftly and focuses on the historic figures that have been overlooked for too long. The movie is charming and likable because of the three leads Hensen, Spencer and Monae. It is an entertaining film that is touching, moving and sometimes plain funny. It is uncomfortable and shameful seeing how little America has changed with regard to racism and discrimination. If you haven't seen this film, I implore you to.

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No thank you very much. I love the #movies, but I don’t see myself going back to the theaters anytime this year. I want to see the studios challenge the theaters and do more same day digital releases. And if that isn’t a reality, I will just wait for Blu-ray.

Seeing a movie right away vs waiting is not really a thing anymore with the plethora of content available via streaming services.

Favorite Sound Echosmith + Audien

I’m my own project, a work in progress I know I’m better than okay

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mookie the serial pop-up fediverse server guy is currently living in his new place . don't worry, fosstodon is always my fallback for when the pop-up server goes away :)

My new router/firewall at home has been running for a week and it's been great! It replaces a failed OPNsense build, an IPFire build and previous to all of that an EdgeRouter 4. It's running on a Protectli Vault FW4B/Celeron J3160/8GB RAM/250GB Samsung mSATA SSD.

I discovered today that LoseIt and Garmin finally can connect with each other (happened sometime in August and I missed it). Yay!

Put the EdgeRouter 4 back. Re-purposing IPFire box as a UNMS server. Fun with networks!

People are already not coming to the theaters to watch movies, so what do theaters do to entice more moviegoers? Run more ads on top of the 15-20 minutes of trailers being shown before the movie starts.

Here's how you get people in seats: Make going to the movies as enjoyable as sitting on the couch at home while streaming a movie.

I'm working my way through this seasons' new broadcast shows and so far it has been "meh".

The only new show that I was excited for was Stumptown because of Cobie Smulders. But even that show got off to a meh kind of start.

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