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here's my now that i've moved here to fosstodon!

hi. i'm mookie. i am a... dad, movie watcher, runner, guitarist in training, gamer, engineer of sorts and snarky troublemaker.

i love the movies. i watch lots of movies. i write a lot about movies. i talk a lot about movies. did i mention i love the movies?

I discovered today that LoseIt and Garmin finally can connect with each other (happened sometime in August and I missed it). Yay!

Put the EdgeRouter 4 back. Re-purposing IPFire box as a UNMS server. Fun with networks!

People are already not coming to the theaters to watch movies, so what do theaters do to entice more moviegoers? Run more ads on top of the 15-20 minutes of trailers being shown before the movie starts.

Here's how you get people in seats: Make going to the movies as enjoyable as sitting on the couch at home while streaming a movie.

I'm working my way through this seasons' new broadcast shows and so far it has been "meh".

The only new show that I was excited for was Stumptown because of Cobie Smulders. But even that show got off to a meh kind of start.

The only reason I use my American Express card for shopping is because of the Return Protection benefit. It gives me the peace of mind that I can return something past some retailer's short return period. Amex is removing this benefit from most cards at the beginning of next year. Disappointing. There's no reason to carry my Amex anymore. Visa is taken everywhere and Amex is not.

"Death is what gives life meaning. To know your days are numbered. Your time is short."

The best thing about Prodigal Son is Michael Sheen. Unfortunately, he doesn't get much screen time. Still, this show is bizarre and crazy enough that I'll keep watching it.

A decent list. The only one that I disagree with is Affleck and Bale's position. Though the writer does make a good case for Affleck being above Bale.

My new limited edition DC library card. The San Jose Public Library is awesome.

I saw Ad Astra (2019) today and I am completely torn about the film. On the one hand, it is nearly perfection with science and gorgeous with visuals. On the other hand, the story line of the film is rather weak.

We do need more hard science fiction films like Ad Astra though. Films that take place in the near future rather than the past or the far future.

I wrote more thoughts here:

Being a bit stingy Walmart? My Target Redcard gets me 5% off all purchases, whether they be online or in-store.

I just came back from watching Brittany Runs a Marathon. I really enjoyed this film a lot because it resonates with me because I am a runner who started running to lose weight and get healthy.

The movie is fantastic because it is grounded in reality, the humor works because it all comes naturally from the situation. The pain and sadness also work for the same reason..

Jillian Bell really shines in this film because the script allows her to flex her talent.

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