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here's my now that i've moved here to fosstodon!

hi. i'm mookie. i am a... dad, movie watcher, runner, guitarist in training, gamer, engineer of sorts and snarky troublemaker.

i love the movies. i watch lots of movies. i write a lot about movies. i talk a lot about movies. did i mention i love the movies?

I just cut a tiny piece of electrical tape to cover up a bright blue LED on the top of my new PC. Yea, I have lights all over the thing, but they can all be turned off -- except this blue power LED on the top of the case.

When I put the system to sleep the thing blinks and lights up the whole room. It's quite annoying. It was a choice between going in the case and unplugging the thing or just covering it with a tiny piece of electrical tape. I went with the less invasive solution.

This silly upgrade issue bit me tonight. With Windows 10 1903 update, having an external USB drive connected might cause issues.

For me, the update blue screened on the first boot. I didn't see this article before I went troubleshooting. I ended up unplugging my external storage and had to restart the update again after my system came back up.


New PC for my birthday. AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, 16GB RAM, 240GB SSD, 2TB HDD and AMD Radeon RX 590. I was going to upgrade to a new Mac mini, but the cost of a Mac mini was pretty steep. The cost to performance ratio was better when getting a PC.

“Who teaches us to be normal when we’re one of a kind?”

“I’ve been what?” he said in response. “That’s, uh, that’s wacky,” he continued. “Well, that’s positively great.”

The best thing about the show The First is the soundtrack by Colin Stetson. But, for the longest time, the title track has bugged me because it sounded so similar to something else. I finally figured it out.

The First (Colin Stetson):

The beginning bits of the track are so very similar to What Are You Going TO Do When You Are Not Saving The World? (Hans ZImmer):

I have been working my way through the Hulu series The First. It's really not that great because it is sold as a sci-fi show about going to Mar, but is really a melodrama about dealing with drug addiction and all sorts of other personal issues. The Mars part is a minor part of the whole show, which is highly disappointing.

“The head of Inc’s cloud computing division on Monday said the company would work with any government agency that followed the law, in contrast with rival Microsoft Corp, which has touted its rejection of controversial sales.”

Watch the Flight Simulator announcement trailer! They're apparently using satellite imagery, and indeed it almost looks life-like:

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