Legion Season 2 Finale 

I'm on the season 2 finale of The Last Ship and they are going to lose me. The whole immunes thing is too much. The writers haven't given enough motivation for the immunes to do what they are doing. Plus, all the immunes seem to be dudes. If they do end up killing off the non-immune, how do they figure they'd repopulate the Earth? Sigh.

At the library with the kids. I am streaming live OTA TV remotely via Plex. Works fantastic.

The Rook is a stunningly good looking show. Each shot has a feeling that it has been thought out thoroughly and story-boarded.

The story and plot though feels as if the showrunners are trying too hard and barely succeeding. There is a faux feeling the the seriousness of the show.

This second episode is 50 minutes long and not much of substance happens except in the last few moments of the episode.

I had Plex DVR record an old episode of Castle last night and the OTA signal was iffy at the time. The recording finished and played back just fine with the pixelation during the points where the OTA signal faded (there were a few). ๐Ÿ‘

I haven't done this in a while, but I had to keep track of what I had scheduled in tvheadend before I tore it down. So, I updated my old spreadsheet with what I have scheduled to record OTA on the DVR. This morning, I added shows that are premiering this fall to the list, so that I can add them to the schedule later.


I started watching The Last Ship a couple of weeks ago and it's a pretty entertaining show. There are some good characters in the show. Tex is one of my favorites.

I tried to get through the second episode of Reef Break on ABC, I couldn't. It's not even good enough to be a fun summer show. Poppy Montgomery's character is super annoying.

I had the week off from work for Fourth of July. I had been running tvheadend for almost two years now and my subscription for Schedules Direct is coming up, so out of boredom, I revisited my OTA DVR setup.

I've been playing around with: NextPVR (on Windows), Tablo (since I have a lifetime subscription), Silicondust's HD Homerun DVR service and now Plex DVR.

I'll write something more detailed up. Last year I did a write up also, I'm seeing if things have changed.


The accents, especially Poppy Montgomery's, in Reef Break are all over the place. Montgomery can't seem to decide if she's from Southern US or if she's from Australia.

Frank Castle... I mean Ray Stevenson can do so much better than Reef Break on ABC. I'm watching the pilot episode on Hulu and it's pretty cringy.

I just finished watching the pilot episode of The Rook on STARZ because Olivia Munn is in it. The pilot is decent enough, but it is trying really hard to be mysterious and spinning up lots of threads and unanswered questions. I will come back to see more of the show, but I wonder if the writers and showrunners have a long-term plan for this show.


The best thing about the show The First is the soundtrack by Colin Stetson. But, for the longest time, the title track has bugged me because it sounded so similar to something else. I finally figured it out.

The First (Colin Stetson):

The beginning bits of the track are so very similar to What Are You Going TO Do When You Are Not Saving The World? (Hans ZImmer):

I have been working my way through the Hulu series The First. It's really not that great because it is sold as a sci-fi show about going to Mar, but is really a melodrama about dealing with drug addiction and all sorts of other personal issues. The Mars part is a minor part of the whole show, which is highly disappointing.

This explains exactly what is so distracting about The First: Sean Pennโ€™s Old Man Fatfree Guns. Heโ€™s so ripped, but why?

The pilot was also tediously slow and boring. The pilot has no progression.


Disappointed. I subscribed to STARZ because they are running a special $5/mo for the first three months (as opposed to $9/mo). They have a decent selection of movies to watch, but after the opening credits of a movie, no matter what the original aspect ratio of the film is, STARZ zooms in so that the aspect ratio is 16:9 to fill a widescreen TV. Meh.

Clint Mansell and Kevin Kiner's score for Doom Patrol is fantastic.

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