I just finished the fifth season of Bosch on Amazon Prime Video. I don't watch much on Amazon Prime Video, but this is the one show that I keep coming back to because it is so well-written and well-done. If you haven't seen Bosch, you're missing out on the best cop shows on TV.

Oh c’mon ABC. You canceled Whiskey Cavalier? It took me a little to like the show and it took the show a little to find its footing, but it’s a really entertaining show. And it ended in a cliffhanger. Ugh.

I have Solo on as background noise and I just caught Han Solo betting a VCX-100 at the sabacc game with Lando. I had to look it up because VCX-100 sounded so familiar.

The VCX-100 is the same type of Corellian freighter as the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels. What a nice Easter Egg for Star Wars fans.


It’s too bad that ABC canceled “For the People”. I caught the season two premiere while randomly surfing and liked it so much that I watched all of season one before continuing with season two, mostly week-to-week. It’s a good show, I will miss it.


I finished The Orville's second season: What an awesome season! So much better than the first season. I love how this show tackles complex social issues while still being fun to watch and also funny. The Orville is the true spiritual successor to Star Trek.

FOX seems to believe in The Orville. The production budget for Identity part two must have been huge. A great way to wrap up a tremendous two-episode arc.

I just finished The Orville episode Identity part 1 and whoa, things escalated pretty quickly! An interesting turn for the show. I am really enjoying this second season of The Orville.

Can confirm that DC Universe now has 4K HDR content with Dolby Digital surround sound. Nice upgrade!

I’ve been watching the second season of The Orville and it’s so good. The first season was a bit of hit or miss. This season, the show has grown up and has successfully switched from space-comedy with a bit of drama to space-drama with a bit of comedy. Gone are the cheap, sometimes cringy jokes. This is what Star Trek Discovery should be. They are telling great stories in The Orville.

Whiskey Cavalier is finally finding its footing. This week’s episode (S01E10) was a really good balanced episode: action, heart, sadness, surprises and laughs.

Whiskey Cavalier S01E10 Show more

DC Universe is on a roll. They are going to have 4K content starting this month. I hope it comes with surround sound also.


I finished Star Wars Rebels tonight and what a fantastic show. I really enjoyed the journey that the show took me on and loved the crew of The Ghost -- not to mention the Ghost itself. A show well worth watching. I will end up watching this show again sooner or later.

More thoughts on the show on my blog...


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