I'm working my way through this seasons' new broadcast shows and so far it has been "meh".

The only new show that I was excited for was Stumptown because of Cobie Smulders. But even that show got off to a meh kind of start.


The best thing about Prodigal Son is Michael Sheen. Unfortunately, he doesn't get much screen time. Still, this show is bizarre and crazy enough that I'll keep watching it.

Entertainment Weekly News: The Mandalorian unmasked: โ€˜We did things no Star Wars fan has ever seenโ€™.


I'm about half-way through the first season of Gotham and I'm really enjoying the show. I like see Jim Gordon struggle as he tries to maintain his integrity in a world of corruption. I like seeing young Bruce Wayne learn and grow into who he is destined to be. I like seeing the relationship between Bruce and Alfred and how Alfred is raising Bruce. I like seeing the Game of Thrones-like power struggles of the Gotham underworld. It's all very interesting.


I've started watching Gotham. So far, I am three episodes in and it's not a bad show -- I am pretty entertained. I like the idea of a show about Jim Gordon and the city of Gotham without Batman.


Dollhouse's FBI Agent Paul Ballard is the worst agent ever. How did he ever become an agent with such flappy lips, spilling all his work secrets to the neighbor?

Topher on needs to be taken care of by Alpha. This Topher guy is annoying AF.

The FBI agent in needs to get a briefcase or even a backpack so that he stops carrying files around flashing them for everyone to see.

Apple TV Plus us going to be a hard sell at $9.99/mo and only having a launch lineup of five shows. Especially when it's going up against Disney+.


The Last Ship 

I finished The Last Ship and I am sad that the show went out with such a weak last season. The writers thought they were writing Game of Thrones as they kept killing characters. None of the deaths in this last season caused me to get teary eyed because the writers never earned it. The only death in the season that got me was the death of Nathan James. This show was extremely uneven. The 1st, 3rd and 4th seasons were good. The 2nd was ok. This last was meh.

The Last Ship Season 4 

This season is not bad, I am almost to the end. The only annoyance is Peter Weller, his constant blah blah blah is grating. I wish his character would just shut up.

The Last Ship season 3 finale 

Oh c'mon. They broke Tom Chandler!

The Last Ship season 3 

This has been quite a dark season for the show, not that it wasn't dark before, but they have been killing off characters like mad this season. And WTF?!? They f*cling killed Tex! Dammit! Not Tex!

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