This exactly:

"To me, it appears that the current Netflix strategy is akin to throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Every now and then I come across Netflix original content that is very well done, but more often than not, the shows/movies they produce seem second rate."

I'm looking forward to Joker this year. It looks super interesting.

Tonight's movie was Stuber (2019). It was an entertaining, yet forgettable 93-minute Uber commercial.

Tonight's movie was Miss Bala (2019). I rented it as a 99c rental from iTunes. This movie is a total misfire and really not worth even the 99c rental fee. The movie is pretty boring and when there is action, it is chaotic, confusing and hare to follow. There are double-crosses and twists in the film that are completely unearned.

The only good thing about the film is Gina Rodriguez who is fantastic in the film -- but not even her performance can save the film.

I just finished watching Spider-Man: Far from Home with the kids. We all enjoyed it a bunch. The two hour and ten minute run time of the film just flew by. The action was good, the characters good and the humor was awesome.

Well worth seeing on the big screen.

I just finished watching Prospect (2018). It had an excellent first act that was enthralling in its world building and worn-in and lived-in world. The middle portion of the film sagged really badly and the characterizations were lacking. The last act was genuinely thrilling. Worth a watch? Yes, just to see what can be achieved on a small budget.

TIL that Bill Paxton's line in Apollo 13, "I could eat the ass out of a dead rhinoceros." was not said by Fred Haise. It was made up the day of filming by Gary Busey, who was visiting the set at the time and they thought it would be a good country boy line. Busey had previously said the line in another film he starred in, Point Break (1991)

“I’ve been what?” he said in response. “That’s, uh, that’s wacky,” he continued. “Well, that’s positively great.”

Disappointed. I subscribed to STARZ because they are running a special $5/mo for the first three months (as opposed to $9/mo). They have a decent selection of movies to watch, but after the opening credits of a movie, no matter what the original aspect ratio of the film is, STARZ zooms in so that the aspect ratio is 16:9 to fill a widescreen TV. Meh.

Tonight's movie was Alpha (2018) and it was a really great movie. I really liked how they created a fictional language for the film and had all the characters speaking the language -- the film is all subtitled. The visuals and cinematography in the film are breathtaking.

Godzilla: King of The Monsters (2019) was unnecessarily complicated, unbelievably dark and a plain bore. There's an unnecessary Bond villain for no good reason. All the monster reveals and battles are so dark and cut so quick that there wasn't much to see -- and what could be seen was done so close up that the action didn't make sense. There is some bizarre humor in the film -- I always say that films should have some levity, but the humor in this film just doesn't fit.


Tonight's movie is Cold Pursuit (2019). It is a free rental from redbox using a T-Mobile Tuesday credit. I'm hoping for Snowy Taken.

I thought I hadn't seen any Blumhouse produced movies before, but I was surprised to see that I had and I was also surprised to see that Blumhouse has produced some non-horror genre films.

Smaller budget sci-fi movie streak continues. Tonight's movie was Upgrade (2018). It was a recommendation from a coworker and I'm glad he recommended it.

This film is a mix of cyberpunk, action, sci-fi, Robocop and a surprising bit of humor.

The film moves at a quick clip and it has some interesting takes on technology.

I will need to watch it again.


I have been watching smaller films lately. Most have been misses (Unicorn Store, 2:22, Curvature).

Tonight I watched Anti Matter which is a low budget sci-fi film, it was so engrossing and engaging. It does what it can with the budget and it definitely punches above its weight.

Don't let the posters and synopsis trick you as both are horrible representations of the film. Just watch the film and see what you think.

I liked it a lot.

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