I have been watching smaller films lately. Most have been misses (Unicorn Store, 2:22, Curvature).

Tonight I watched Anti Matter which is a low budget sci-fi film, it was so engrossing and engaging. It does what it can with the budget and it definitely punches above its weight.

Don't let the posters and synopsis trick you as both are horrible representations of the film. Just watch the film and see what you think.

I liked it a lot.


This song is going to get stuck in your head...

This song is now in your brain and in your brain is where it’ll remain!


I have Solo on as background noise and I just caught Han Solo betting a VCX-100 at the sabacc game with Lando. I had to look it up because VCX-100 sounded so familiar.

The VCX-100 is the same type of Corellian freighter as the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels. What a nice Easter Egg for Star Wars fans.


In preparation for John Wick Chapter 3 - Parabellum... I watched John Wick on Saturday and John Wick Chapter 2 today. I love the Wickverse mythos and the world-building the filmmakers have done. I have high hopes for the third film.


Tonight's movie was Unicorn Store (2017). I watched it to see Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson on screen together again -- I think they were great together in Captain Marvel.

The film was okay, it was mostly cute, but outside of that it wasn't very memorable.

Larson definitely has a future as a director and I hope she gets more work behind the camera along with in front of the camera.

Worth a viewing? Yes.


TIL White Zombie's song More Human Than Human's title and lyrics are a reference to Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and its adapted film Blade Runner.

"I am the nexus one
I want more life fucker"



Tonight's movie was Congo (1995). It was a campy movie that was somewhat entertaining. I really liked Ernie Hudson as Captain Monroe, he was perfect in that role. Laura Linney seemed to not understand that she was in a campy film and went full dramatic for the film.


DC Universe is on a roll. They are going to have 4K content starting this month. I hope it comes with surround sound also.


Tonight’s movie was Results (2015), streamed on Hulu.

Colbie Smulders and a 83% Rotten Tomatoes score. This must be a good movie right? Not really. The movie wanders around aimlessly and I only finished it to see if it would arrive somewhere satisfying. It doesn’t.


Possibly tonight’s movie. Alien in 4K Blu-Ray with and HDR pass based on a new 4K scan of the film done last year.

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