@martijnbraam Oh, SailfishOS is supposed to have that but I never managed to make it work, lol.

@lanodan @martijnbraam Whoa, does this mean you can like, emergency network boot /off your phone/ if you brick the computer's bootloader or something? :D

@IceWolf @lanodan not networkboot, this is exactly the same as putting a CD with a live image for a distro in your PC. if you have a large enough SD card you can just take the debian repository with you :)

@IceWolf @martijnbraam Yeah, I would still carry a usb stick in my keychain for this though.

Interesting one is more about providing a mean to boot a bunch of different systems easily, heck maybe it could also provide PXE booting.

@lanodan @IceWolf I'm not entirely sure computers can pxe boot from usb network adapters.

@martijnbraam @IceWolf Ah yeah right, I guess I'll still use a devboard with ethernet to provide that.

Or maybe could use an ethernet adapter on the phone?
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