Did you know? 💡 LibreOffice has an alternative user interface, called the NotebookBar! Try it out – go to View > User Interface in the menu, and then choose Tabbed ✅ (And if you want to switch back, click the menu icon in the top-right of the NotebookBar.)

@libreoffice I really love how customizable the UI is in LibreOffice.

Great work, I am thankful for this community!

@libreoffice does impress have an online version, something similar to google slides?

@libreoffice @robriley Can Libre Office be used on an iphone? (its the spreadsheet I'm interested in!)...cheers!

@libreoffice again!! :D
"there is a LibreOffice-based product in app stores from Collabora"....what exactly does that mean? Is it like a third party plug in sort of thing? (sorry, I'm not that teccy!!)

@TheBeastOfBaglan Hi, LibreOffice is free and open source software, so other people and companies can make products based on it. That's the case here: we (The Document Foundation) don't have a version of LibreOffice for iOS and Android, but Collabora, a company in the ecosystem that contributes code to LibreOffice, does. Hope that helps! 👍

@libreoffice Hi…..hi….I have installed it….how can I open an existing Google sheet, that is kept on Google Drive? Thanks!

@libreoffice I started with #staroffice, later used #OpenOffice and finally switched to #libreoffice. I remember the time when there was so much discussion about the interface and all the other stories. Other interfaces than 'classic' were mostly mockups. Things have changed so much. #libreoffice in the cloud was a dream. Now we have #CODE. BTW, Remember #NeoOffice, anybody?

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