Survey time! Where do you use LibreOffice?

@libreoffice results % look very wrong 🤔 100 votes = 100% not 172% 🤷🏻‍♂️


This is because multible answeres are allowed.
I guess it counts one vote per voter for 100% but every single vote again for the single answers.

Example: Alice voted for A, Bob voted for A and B. Voters: 2 (100%) Votes for A: 2 (100%) Votes for B: 1 (50%).

It would be better to take the biggest number as 100% or all votes.


@ranx The vote allowed to select multuple options. For example, I checked both work and home. @libreoffice

@libreoffice I also use it for activism (not sure if included in „home“)

@nopefish @libreoffice While I would personally recommend LibreOffice, you are not restricted to that alone if you use Linux. Microsoft Office Online is definitely an option for those who need something familiar.

Technically at tyos time qe should all be using it at homme as many still not suposed to leave their home for work or school

Microsoft office screwed some my documents. Couldn't restore it. But LibreOffice restored the docos. Mmmmmmagic!😊

I hope people didn't confuse "Home" with "work from home" 😁

@libreoffice I think multiple answers would be helpful, since I use it both for work and at home. Thanks for all your great work, by the way.

@libreoffice For both at work and home ( i work remotely ) Thanks for the question !

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