After switching my password manager, I decided to get rid of all of my old, unused accounts, all of my duplicated passwords, check out for any breaches and organize everything as best I could.
Lets say I did a

This is day 28 of

Before deleting an account, change all personal data to trash, and wait a bit. Then if they don't really delete your data, it will be trash.

@rudolf yeah thats what I have done, I answered those "personal questions to help you recover your account" with random passwords, still stored but well, more safe


Been using keepassXC for some time, but only recently activated more of its features. Quite a few of these are not obvious at start, and the benefit of using them is not clear either.

I wrote a post about migrating from LP to KeePassXC. It's not as intuitive as other options, but the end results are pretty spot on:

KeePassXC's feature are too much to mention in this comment alone...

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