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So, I wrote an email with complains about security and privacy to my university, I still don't send it, because I am wondering if my voice will be heard, should I send it and see whats up, or should I make some kind of open letter?

Someone suggested that for FOSS games on my channel, I could use a different colour border to differentiate those videos.
What colour would most suit FOSS gaming?
Bearing in mind that magenta is probably out because I know Hex has dominated the magenta thumbnail market.

I wonder how Steam Deck's release will affect Firefox's market share !

We need more news sites promoting Firefox over Google Chrome.

A Linux distro with a focus on simplicity and the concept of less is more -

These vacations have been crazy, I lost two of my dogs in a matter of days, and I have not made a blog in a while, but well.

This is day 50 of , already half way!

These vacations have been crazy, I lost two of my dogs in a matter of days, and I have not made a blog in a while, but well.

This is day 50 of , already half way!

I always feel like its been weeks since mh last blog and its just about to be a week xD

Why are web components not as popular as , , etc? They seem much simpler / lighter.

I was on today, and thinking about , and I had a thought.

A app where we can keep different chats with the same person, add more as needed and remove them with ease.

Thats the cool thing with email, starting from scratch every once in a while, not needing to keep track of previous messages unless you want, chat subjects, add people to the conversation, etc.

I believe that a new protocol, or app with in mind that works as I say would be epic.

Here's a demo of the sign-up process in the Mastodon for iOS app, recorded by @DavidBlue :thinkhappy:

My laptop at work crashed repeatedly this morning. So, I ran the Dell diagnostics tool and this popped up on my work machine for all to see. It is the default GPU stress test, but it makes me look like a gamer at work who doesn't give an F.

It makes me happy to see websites that still host pages from years ago and still work. It shows not everything on the Web decays. Link rot isn't inevitable.

I switched the software of my android phone again, went with DotOS and the customization is amazing!.
My previous ROM was fine, but it felt somewhat rushed and crashed a few times just by rotating the screen or pressing the home button too much. This has been stable so far.

Showed my dad NewPipe and my dad's exact words were "Why would anyone ever use the YouTube app then?" He's right, use NewPipe ladies and gents

Switch hackers have become so obsessed with anti-piracy they forgot why they’re here.

Emulation, piracy, activision 

Here's one of the cool things of not actually buying games that often, recurring to emulation, indie games and treasures that were *not* obtained by sailing the high seas from time to time.
You don't feel obligated to delete half your library once a company turns out to treat their employees horribly because you have not supported them in any way, anyways...

Good news guys, I got a response from my University, they have been working on improving their infrastructure, and it looks like they have worked on it for a while, they addressed most of my complaints, which is fine.
I will keep an eye on its progress

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