Don't get too personal when trying to defend FOSS or you will end up too upset to make actually decent arguments

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Tomottow I am going back to school again, now let's sleep

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What up with the website not working without JS now? Can't click dropdown menus with noscript on... or off for that matter? Maybe it's an issue my browser.

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Zen is being able to rotate your seat 90 degrees and seeing this...

*Quick heads up.*
Both MPD clients I recommended seem to be terrible at dealing with volume. The volume keys might become unusable (you will have to press the volume popup, and then select the right audio channel) when you leave the apps.

Both apps have some settings that can help to fix it. Thankfully, I have a Mi Band 4, and it can change media volume, so its not that hard to do for me.

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I now can stream music to my phone using MPD! And I show you how I did it!
This is day 31 of

Let me know if it worked for you or you got a better solution.

I just added the necesary yaml stuff to bring mastodon comments to older blogs of mine.
I didnt add to some older blogs that didnt have any tho

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After switching my password manager, I decided to get rid of all of my old, unused accounts, all of my duplicated passwords, check out for any breaches and organize everything as best I could.
Lets say I did a

This is day 28 of

it looks like I have a tendency to post my more decent blogs on saturday, only for them to die unnoticed xD

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Lmao this was my first day, look at me, 30 days of this already :D

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Hey, tooters, been a long time.

I've seen a lot of activity around mastodon.el recently. I've been unable to keep up with it and would like to know if you're interested in contributing.


I have so much homework to do. Why am I so unwilling to start it? I have to get off here for a few hours I guess

So, I wonder how could I make this work even if I change wifi to my repeater oof. Or should I configure the repeater somehow?

Oh boy, this is too cool. Most android mpd clients I've found break volume control (hold to skip or return to song, etc).
But I can change the media volume and switch songs with my mi band. This is kinda epic

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I am streaming music from my Computer to my phone using yay :D

Finally, I have them ALL. Take a look at this beauty.
Now I support BOTH Github and Mastodon. No more excuses to leave a comment on my website!

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