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My discrete math teacher is actually using Linux and its actively trashing my classmates using windows. I have never been happier during a class

I tried to make this blog using terminal tools only, and I think I succeded, but I still need to find some plugins to use and together! (so share them pls)

It is not over yeeet. Who thought that reading a PDF for 3 hours straight was a good idea???

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So, I am really trying to like Libre Office Impress, but why is the threshold between a click and a hold so short? If I click to change to a different slide, it will try to "move" it and fail because the travel is non-existent, and then it will NOT select the slide, it will stay on the previous one oof. Is this happening to anyone else??

Not gonna lie, using Chocolatey to install software on Windows is kinda cool

So, I have to reinstall windows, I kinda want to avoid losing data on the linux side, but I kinda feel like I will since I am using the same drive oof. Any ideas?

I finally got time to share some of the stuff I have done to make Pandoc + Markdown fit my specific needs, there some nice things that might interest you that are spread around multiple tutorials of multiple languages, and I made it all into this single blog, which I will probably update by the end of the semester

Day 20 of

Wow, Windows is completely broken now, bsod every reboot

Yeah, I think I need AppImages to become the standard on this kinds of pŕograms, so many dependencies I dont care about and that I will forget to uninstall when I dont need the program anymore? nah, a single executable should be enough tbh, and they dont even need to expose their proprietary code

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Also, I just realized that doing
[image](image.png){width=100 or whatever}
Allows me to change the size without having to use imagemagick everytime a pic doesnt fit on the converted pdf xD

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@joeligj12 oi mate, u hav a loicence fou that software? no?
No learnin fou u then

(Yes I dont know how to make my own theme nor how to use other themes that are not default)

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Also, a teacher is forcing me to use a ppt template and a word template for my homework and its breaking my markdown + pandoc workflow pretty badly. I used pdfunite to deal with it but I will have to make the ppt template look good with the copenhagen theme

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At least Packet Tracer installed just fine using this little script, altough is not the latest version. But I dont think I will use this program to its full this semester anyways.

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I have to install a bunch of those big paid programs for Uni and it kinda sucks. labView has an rpm version and it does not want to activate the free trial on Void oof

Also, CSV too, a friend also shared a pretty epic shader that makes the game look like an old CRT screen

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Forma some reason I had never worked with json files with Godot before, but I want to translate both to Spanish and English, so I will try to make it work,

Just woke up, time to get ready to keep going with this xD

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I am done with day 19 of !
I am making a new text-based adventure game, let me now what do you think.

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