@gnupropaganda Yay!

Make hardware that requires sending it firmware blobs unuseable, you didn't want that WiFi card anyhow.

... nevermind that the FSF-recommended alternatives have as much firmware, just stored in ROM on the device, so you can't possibly update or study them.

(Yes, that's literally what Linux-libre does. It's kinda farcical.)

@kellerfuchs @gnupropaganda I think our language here is failing us. firmware stored in ROM is kind of a different thing than firmware stored in binary blobs. The latter is clearly proprietary software, the former isn't really software per se.

soffware freedom, embedded firmware 

soffware freedom, embedded firmware 

soffware freedom, embedded firmware 

@gnupropaganda is there a FSF-endorsed distro with reproducible builds, yet?

@gnupropaganda I’d love to build a machine with only free software sometime...

It depends on your computer. Some hardware is compatible.

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