Hello! I'd love to be able to create a password-protected livestream. I'm imagining the simplest possible ui for this, which is just to prompt the visitor to enter the password when they first land on the web page. The primary use case would be to provide members-only livestreams for Patreon/etc, or private group streams for things like family video watch parties. In particular that means:

User accounts are not needed, no individual passwords
No direct link to prefill the password (prevents sharing the direct link, but if users want to share the password around that's an acceptable risk)

The goal is not to make a perfectly secure livestream viewer, just to prevent casual link sharing and public indexing of the content.

I am planning on setting this up in the mean time by putting owncast behind an nginx proxy that requires authentication, but that's definitely more steps than most people should have to do to accomplish this.

@geekgonecrazy Sure did! Vouch can sit in front of anything and I've used it to add login to a bunch of different kinds of things. The login page I set up is a super minimal OAuth-compatible page so that Vouch only has to speak OAuth to it but that proxy just accepts a single password to let people thru. I might do a blog post about it cause it was kind of cool!

@aaronpk awesome! Will keep an eye out for it. Sounds like an interesting read. Hadn’t seen vouch before. In the past have had to fork github.com/bitly/oauth2_proxy and add in my oauth proxy.

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