Any of my designer or artistic followers might find this interesting.

@RocketChat is having a T-Shirt design contest starting Thursday

Gotta love it when incidents happen right as you are about to goto sleep. 🙈

From eyes drooping to wide open, heart pumping, adrenaline fueled in seconds.

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I’m very excited to announce Boundary! Simple and secure identity-based access to hosts and services. Free and open source. 0.1 available today and an exciting roadmap ahead.

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Did you know that you can live stream your Zoom meetings/conferences with #Owncast? You could embed this right on your web site or whatever, very cool. @jannik detailed how to do this, and it’s a pretty cool solution for bridging these two worlds.

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Our WriteFreely iOS app is now in beta! 🎉

With this, you can finally publish to any #WriteFreely instance (including from your iPhone or iPad.

Learn how to join the beta in this post from @angelostavrow:

Had a bit of a fun conclusion to today. Got Among Us working on linux(i hadn’t used proton much so took me a minute). Played with some work colleagues and experimentally streamed to an owncast instance. :)

Have been slowly building up a food wish list of things I want to have again one of these days:
1. Real Ramen. I had some in San Fransisco a few years ago.
2. Bierocks - haven't had these since I was a kid.
3. Fish and Chips - ok i'll admit never had true fish and chips from the UK. And I also would eat with tar-tar sauce. <start flamewar here>
4. Mexican food - though thankfully I get this regular.. I could eat it daily.
5. New food in general.. been so long since I got to try new food.

This virus... is way too stealthy. I really wish people would at least take it seriously. Doesn't necessarily mean that the world stops moving.. but if you take basic precautions like wearing a mask. Its really the least you can do.

Caught it despite how careful I was being. Cause in a household only as protected as the worst protected is. (Oddly we've been made to think kids aren't really at risk either. They for sure can be carriers)

In short e2e encryption support coming soon to mobile! Excited to be able to start using this more
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We're happy to announce that Rocket.Chat 4.11 will be released on October 5th 🎉

We listed all of our new features to keep you updated on our upcoming changes. Enjoy the sneak peek and learn what to expect next! 👉

Super cool to see @SpaceApps using @RocketChat to bring together teams all over the world for the 2020 Space Apps Challange. Such a cool event 🚀

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Tomorrow the #owncast crew is getting together for our second call, and you’re invited! If you ever wanted to know more about this project we’ve been working on, wanted to use it for something, or was curious about contributing it’s a great time to check in. There’s a lot of momentum right now, and we’re all super excited to be building this in the open.

Details in this Github issue:

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How strongly you feel about an issue is not itself a measure of the strength of your argument.

2 posts in one day. 2k words 13k characters. Wow 😁

Spent some time last week getting @tinkerbell_oss running with dedicated servers from @OVHcloud_US learned a lot so wrote it down to hopefully help someone else out:

Recently made mistake of registering a .us domain.

No Whois privacy and apparently the spam scum some how are immediately alerted.

Email is full of:
* Contact to prevent domain seizure
* Hey let me design your website

Doesn’t seem to matter that I’ve changed the email. 😶

A baseball going supersonic - @smartereveryday always with the coolest videos! Loved seeing the engineering effort into making the cannon.

Ouch.. proof that they basically bought them for the talent.

A few weeks ago before vacation I put in an order on fiverr for a logo/avatar. It was super cheap. The artist was super willing to do iterations so major kudos for that. But decided it wasn’t worth spending all that time any more to get it right. I have the vector so now trying to figure out how to tweak this


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