If you have never been on triple NAT’d connection also involving a cellular network… you must try it. It’s amazing.

T-Mobile CGNat -> carrier provided modem with no bridge mode -> my dependable router.

Carrier modem has wifi and switch.. but zero controls and performs awful for a big house. Literally the worst admin interface I’ve ever seen. I can only view info and set wifi networks. Nothing else.

Getting to the point I’m seriously considering going back to evilcorp.. aka comcrap 😞

To be clear - they aren’t too interested in k3os. k3s seems to be very much alive

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Recently started finally building a little home lab. My goal was to run k3s as master on a pi and two little beelink mini s as my nodes running k3os.

But appears @Rancher_Labs after suse acquired isn’t too interested in it. Feels much like coreos being ditched in acquisition

To all websites the keep all old password hashes around that I’ve ever used and have weird validation rules… I hate you.

I know password managers.. But come on seriously. Why would you even want to keep all my old password hashes around?

A bit behind tech news. Saw the raspberry pico w has been released. Got excited since pico has stayed in stock… but of course the w is out of stock everywhere 🙈

Hopefully it stays in stock a bit better then the pi does. Been trying to get a pi 4 for months

Earlier this year I read a book called The Phoenix Project. Now I’m reading the second book by the same authors called The Unicorn Project.

10/10 would recommend them both. Such an interesting style of delivering with real world relatable problems that get you thinking.

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Folks, can I just tell you all how excited I am for the upcoming (and first) w0rmh0le Interview Series?

I have 13 opportunities to chat with some of the most beautiful and wonderful people I know, and let them tell their stories, and I am so lucky to be able to do so.

I'm doing my best to get the website ready and I'll be posting updates with the hashtags so you can follow along.

In the meantime I have a little bit of info up at live.w0rmh0le.net

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@geekgonecrazy I self-host RustDesk and it's a very pleasant experience

I think them being full open source is fairly recent; the clients have always been open but the server was closed and they were selling subscriptions. I heard it mentioned on a podcast recently and they said it was fully open source which surprised me lol. Looked into it again and quickly set it up on all of mine and my family's machines. Highly recommend it :flan_thumbs:

This is of course all related to previous toot. Have a livecd on site I made several years ago that opens a reverse shell to my vps for access to the remote machine. But I’ve lost my copy of the ssh keys and can’t find my copy of the disk 😂

What a show

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Teamviewer has apparently decided that I’m using for commercial purposes by helping grandparents with their computer problems… and limiting me to sessions about 1 minute long. With a cool down between times I can connect if 2-3 minutes.

Between being periods of access I’m trying to establish an alternate channel.

I looked at paying them a while back.. but after this sort of behavior I think instead it’s time to replace once and for all.

Before I put on my hackers hat and reinvent the wheel..

Say you have someone home bound 8+ hour away.. in need of windows password reset? Another machine is present I can and have been able to write usb to. Ntpasswd already failed me with kernel issues. What do you do?

Random learning for the weekend. The word Frisson. Describes a neuro response gotten while listening to certain songs.


If you are a developer that:
* Likes working on exciting projects
* Has experience with Asterisk or SIP in general
* Node.js experience

@RocketChat has an opening to work on our voip product. They are doing some really cool stuff!

Apply here: rocket.chat/job?gh_jid=4521231

General inquiry to my tech peers. Jira I very frequently hear from developers how much they hate it. But, why? Is there something specific about it?

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Hey look! It's the official 2022 Fedora survey! If you're a Fedora Linux user or a Fedora Project contributor, we'd love to hear from you! fedoraproject.limequery.com/20

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GoToSocial news, fundraising post, OpenCollective launch 

Hey everyone! We're launching #GoToSocial fundraising on our brand spanking new #OpenCollective page today, to help raise funds to pay contributors!

The open collective page is here:


And the post launching the Open Collective page is here:


An extract from that launch post is below :)

Thanks for reading!


We're organizing a long-term fundraising for #GoToSocial, on #OpenCollective! Some of you may have already supported us over on Liberapay, which we're incredibly grateful for, and it has helped us jumpstart some of this process (and to pay for our cute sloth logo!). In future, we want to use Open Collective.

Our short-term goals are simple.

Firstly, we want to be able to pay people for code contributions to the project, when they need it.

Secondly, we're looking for contributions to help us cover basic costs like hosting fees for our automated build system.

Finally, we also want to be able to put money forward for translation work, graphic design, accessibility audits, security audits, or any other small pieces of work that GoToSocial might require.

Eventually, we want to be able to hire developers, either salaried or freelance. As a milestone on the way to this goal, we're looking to make SuperSeriousBusiness into a non-profit organization by the end of 2022.

Looks like all the recording from KubeCon EU are landing on YouTube youtube.com/c/cloudnativefdn/v

Several gitops + cluster-api definitely going to have to rewatch. Interesting evolution of infrastructure as code

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We're going LIVE in 30 minutes! ⏰

Join our CEO and VP of Product in our second and find out what are @RocketChat's next steps in 2022 👉 bit.ly/3lOJnYn

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