Wow landed 5 times! That’s crazy
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Falcon 9’s first stage has landed on the Just Read the Instructions droneship – the first orbital class rocket booster to successfully launch and land five times!

Oh! And I still want to know how they pulled off chromium/js for frontend on those big displays in dragon. 🤔

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I _might_ be a nerd. Every time I watch a nasa broadcast I have so many questions 😂

Last time it was the voice loop. This time video encoders, remote terminals onboard iss and trying to figure out when they started using tablets on board 😄

Actually surprised searching around the inter webs doesn’t return more of this. Do the i3 users doing screen share use single screens? Or are the i3 users too cool for screen share calls? :) Or maybe the ones that do are so elite they don’t need to ever write down somewhere searchable about it 😁

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Any i3 users know anything about sharing single screen in calls? With Firefox I was able to select single windows easy enough or all 3 screens together. But was hoping to share a single screen. Maybe some way to share a “container” ?

Hopefully today’s launch demo-2 will be able to proceed safely with clear weather -

Decided to give i3wm a shot. Realized how much I spend rearranging windows and trying to snap them to a grid. Lot of wasted energy that could potentially be resolved by the windows always snapping.

So far have managed to at least learn most of the shortcuts.

Taking some getting used to for Bluetooth/wifi/sound management. Also had to play with my x config. So far have two xrandr commands. 1 for laptop docked and one for stand alone.

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Our Nightly version for North America now features Brave Together, our private and unlimited video calling service based on open source @jitsinews. Click on the widget & start connecting with friends/colleagues. Feedback welcome at for this trial version.

Happy to work for a remote-first company before it was the "cool" thing to be. Can read a bit more about how we work remotely -

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Ok here's a new one: did you know that cows can cause network outages? Don't laugh, it happened to us.

The beginning of the story: recently, we noticed frequent short outages ("flaps") on a multi-terabit fiber path through Oregon. 1/

Wow! Hard to believe that I have been a contributor on an open source project for almost 5 years!

Has been amazing to experience all the way from discovering an amazing community, to being employeed with that same great community feel inside of a company
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🚀 5 years of Rocket.Chat's First Commit Ever!

🎂Happy birthday to our squad and our awesome community of +1.5k contributors worldwide! 🌎

Hello there!

I took some time to make a quick video of our upcoming Pixelfed Android client, we will make an alpha release soon ™️

You can of course already go take a look at the source code and compile it for yourself, for now hosted on GitHub but that will change soon:

Still a lot of work to be done, but it's slowly getting there :)

Money apps... 

For some reason my wife made a purchase with cashapp. Turns out to have been a scammer. 🙈 tried the whole request refund from seller. No luck...also seems like contrary to their support docs they have no dispute process. Their app makes impossible to actually contact anyone.

I guess time to dispute with my bank and make sure she deletes her account after it’s resolved.

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