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Overview of apps perfect for plus instruction how to quickly get them up and running as virtual appliance

First couple of games from Amazon showed up :)

* dobble
* exploding kittens
* coup
* go

Have already been playing chess a lot. Also several games like phase 10, skipbo, settlers of catan and of course several games with regular deck of cards.

Any suggestions at other games we should look into?

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Tomorrow will by . I just added my idea for improving containment.
Might be a small, but a step to fighting
Curious? See the application: github.com/mrsimpson/ShareMyCa
Want to join? You don't have to wait! 🚀

A bit of positivity. A group of people from Rocket.Chat community looking at helping to solve problems created in this time.

ShareMyCart - collaborative isolation: Buy your groceries along with your neighbors

Github Repo: github.com/mrsimpson/ShareMyCa

Channel: go.rocket.chat/invite?host=ope

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We’re developing a keyboard designed to work especially well with Pop!_OS. Of course the hardware, firmware and configuration software will be open source. blog.system76.com/post/6128743

I’ve decided on a project for this weekend.

Will be setting up retro pi on one of my pi’s. Ordered a couple of SNES controllers from amazon.

Any tips, tricks or suggestions?

Sorry for the late notice here on the Fediverse, but our March update is out. News for the , , and alike.

See inside: pine64.org/2020/03/15/march-up

eff.org/deeplinks/2020/03/earn Anyone have any info on this? I know EFF has tendency to take the more fear invoking approach to try and bring action. So not sure what to make of it

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Canonical is one of the key examples of remote-first organizations, with a few hundred people spreading over 45 countries working mostly from home, and we've been doing that for well over a decade now. Here are some suggestions for how to make it go well. 1/N

Ah.. it seems that here on mastodon filtering/muting words actually works. The bird site it seems to keep showing. Seeing so much negative and panic, speculation and accusation while self isolating is not really a good combo. Kinda depressing. Going to try and filter out so I can see some of the good people are still talking about 🤞

The hold music for our company's phone system is served by an ancient ipod that's locked in an electrical closet, duck-taped to the wall. Nobody remembers the ipod's unlock code.

Getting that itch to use linux more as my daily driver. My xps13 still has Fedora Silverblue on it.. But every time I sit down to use it.. I find my self not wanting to mess with the ostree to get all of my programs and config loaded in.

Might be time for a distro hop on it.

Manjaro for some reason is calling me.

But i've been hoping to see the pop! OS beta come out. The tiling extension teased looks interesting - twitter.com/carlrichell/status

What should I load up? :D

Monitors, arm and display port MST splitter came in.

Of course osx doesn't support MST for multiple displays 🙄 So had to resort to using one hdmi and one display port.

Adapter works perfect with my xps 13 running Fedora. Linux ftw ;)

Very good visualisation of #covid19 with a focus on clear information and not on click bait. Comes with links to all data sources. Updated live. blog.datawrapper.de/coronaviru

After years of people telling me that mechanical keyboards are where it’s at. Going to give it a shot.

All else fails I’ll at least sound more productive 😂

After a couple of years now working with laptop from table or couch finally getting a home office setup.

Standing desk, dual monitors etc.

The challenge is going to be getting in habit of standing some instead of always sitting🙈

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