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@geekgonecrazy in a nutshell, the remarkable feels a *lot* like paper and the writing experience is generally better but the supernote is a bit more open and customisable as well as implements some features in a much better way. For example, if you want to use it for reading ebooks, the reMarkable converts everything to a PDF before displaying it while the Supernote actually renders the file properly. There are a lot of small things like this that made me go with Supernote despite it feeling less like pencil on paper and having slightly worse writing performance.

If you're thinking about shelling out for something like this, the "big three" seem to be the reMarkable 2, the Supernote A5X, and the Boox Note Air.

My Deep Guide is a YouTube channel where Vojislav Dimitrijevic does incredibly in-depth reviews on a lot of products and he has playlists for each of these that tell you everything you need to know and more.

Maybe I missed my calling working in HVAC. During the extreme cold(cold for us) in Texas I fixed our furnace. Traced to a broken ignition.

Now with Texas bipolar weather and it getting warmer had to fix the A/C it wouldn’t come on. Traced to broken fuse.

Joys of home ownership and not wanting to pay a service fee without trying to fix it first 🙈

I think it’s probably safe to say fintech products have flooded the market.. one scroll through Instagram stories and at least 14 different fintech I hadn’t seen before. I kept clicking and capturing them to see how long it would feed me new ones 🙈

This should be interesting.. hopefully post Mortem style
Urgent ERCOT Board of Directors meeting this morning beginning at 10 a.m. CT. Presentation on extreme cold weather event. Live stream here: events.swagit.com/ercot/ Board materials will be posted shortly: ercot.com/calendar/2021/2/24/2

you'll notice craziness at the beginning and then now 24 hours of consistency.. 🙈

But hey I guess at least now I have some data for future incidents.

More screenshots :)

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I start doing some research and looks like most cases like this end up with a lot of back and forth with a tech just kinda randomly replacing cables not really knowing what the problem is.

So... This really makes me want to have data in hand at time of an incident. So I fork github.com/mdlayher/arris_expo and make it work for my model of arris. This took a few hours.

Now I have data like this:

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Well this has been an interesting week. First cold and snow in my part of Texas which is super unusual. Then throw in massive power outage rolling across the state.

Then I get home after power is all restored and warm enough to be home.. and internet keeps dropping out.

Double check all coax.. do the typical restarts, resets etc. Still keeps randomly restarting. Call support they do their typical checks.. and then schedule a tech. (continued)

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It looks like the internet has cracked the code in something like 6 hours! Oh internet is there anything you can’t do? For those who just want to know:

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Did you all find the easter egg on the deck? The family car sticker with Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, Perseverance and Ingenuity!

Using commercial intel based computer on Perseverance running Linux. 2021 year of Linux on Mars? 🤔 youtube.com/watch?t=4025&v=gYQ

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To build @DB_Bahn's first concierge app, needed a self-managed chatting platform with the capabilities of a . 💬 🚆

Learn more about how the app ”Der schlaue Reisebuddy” was created with the help of Rocket.Chat! 👉 zcu.io/N5OY

Anyone know how common it is in a data center for a mobo power cable to come lose?

Like not a freshly provisioned box. But one that ran for months fine... and then suddenly started restarting. With data center tech saying mobo power connector wasn’t seated properly.

So seems unlikely it had been that lose the whole time.. right?

Looks like Fosdem starting here in a few minutes.

Kinda weird to not be on campus but “at” Fosdem but on an iPad pitch black outside at 2am with everyone else asleep 🙈

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🚀 It is with great joy that we announce
@RocketChat's Series A funding - an important step in our path to keep empowering companies to make communications their own. ✨

Learn more about our and what are our next steps for 2021! 👇 zcu.io/Fwov

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Wrote a quick little tool a while back for doing encrypted mongo backups and shipping to s3. Decided i'd put some polish on it in terms of documentation and open source today.


How much space do you allocate to your root volume/partition?

Previously used 20GB of my 120GB ssd. Then I had to resize my lvm volumes and give it 50GB. Then I kept running out of storage on both root and home... so I replaced with 1TB ssd. (That was a fun project.. glad I remembered how to copy and resize). Now... 100GB to root...

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