I was hoping to download this book for an upcoming trip amazon.com/UNIX-History-Memoir but appears that amazon is the only place providing as an ebook :( Tried to wrestle with their proprietary junk but impossible to get into epub / pdf or any other format I can use.

Returning. No way I want my books locked into kindle ecosystem.

Hey everyone, a new build of my new mastodon app is now here, and it's better than ever!

You can get it over at: testflight.apple.com/join/hYFR

Also, to all our friends from India who've just joined, hello! This is the app you want for iOS. Aiming for it to be the gold standard. 💙

(Please boost to raise awareness, a new mastodon app is coming)

What is the recommended router hardware now days? What about wifi?

I've used ubiquiti edgerouter in business setting several times with a lot of success.

But looking for something for home. Is microtek still any good?

I have a Google onhub that is Google 😶 and 2 years old so showing its performance age.

Been a while since have done ddwrt/openwrt, but like the idea of hardware I can run something like this on.

Ok maybe it won’t be the worst. Only had to stay up until 6am. I’ve had much worse incidents.

Came up with a doc and iterated on it to cover the variations as they came in. Seem to now have them covered :)

Enough time for a short nap before starting my day :)

3am.. and this day is going to suck.

Updated an auto updating deploy method(snap) that contains a db that we had to update automatically.

And despite hours and days of testing. It seems software does what software does... breaks sometimes.

We tried to spread the word to make everyone aware and prepare.. but turns out when a deploy method is so easy people just ignore the install until it breaks.

But believe you me... they all show up when it breaks 🙈

I love this guys videos - youtube.com/watch?v=yl8vPW5hyd This is the second video in this series. Always explains in just the right detail so can actually make sense of it

youtube.com/watch?v=1UzTf0Qo37 especially at 3 minutes. I had no idea that the disk error text was actually coming from bootsector of floppy. 😱

Well.. Nvm.. Apparently one cannot add to list with out following.

Today used the list feature set of Mastodon for the first time. Need like a digest mode to turn on for some users. Or encourage people to lump things together in threads.

How many others have resorted to lists to occasionally keep up with some users?

marc.info/?l=openssh-unix-dev& looks like u2f is coming to ssh awesome! Maybe can use this instead of having to worry about getting yubikey's with gpg card support

As always fair, insightful, accurate and without necessary hype. Jan, Dalton and Marius from @UBports discuss the on their Q/A. If you have time, watch in entirety, if not click video below:


RT @JimBridenstine@twitter.com

Thank you to @BoeingSpace@twitter.com. At my request, Monday’s @Commercial_Crew@twitter.com Starliner pad abort test will be broadcast live. Transparency for the taxpayer.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JimBridenstine/sta

RT @barton808@twitter.com

Happy to announce that in the States we've taken @Dell@twitter.com's XPS 13 developer edition portfolio from 2 to 18 configs! These @ubuntu@twitter.com-based systems are available w/Intel's i7 hexacore processors or i5s. You can even go big and opt for either a 1or 2TB SSD buff.ly/2PASDAH

🐦🔗: twitter.com/barton808/status/1

Adding insult to injury apparently every call after returned the TOO_MANY_REQUESTS and kept counting 🙈

So.. needless to say what was going to be a 1 shot migration now has logic to stop when hitting limit then we wait for moar apis to start up again.

Oh no! I'm all out of apis! 😂

Doing an import into an unnamed platform using their rest api. We didn't realize regular web usage counted towards this count and used too many apis. And now I can't stop talking about apis like this. Need moar apis!

I love how many new players there are in the rocket and space front. When I was a kid I started thinking the Apollo missions were **the big** deal that I was born too late to experience. But with all of this activity I feel like I might actually get to see a launch in person one day. Even share the experience with my children. So cool! spectrum.ieee.org/aerospace/sp

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