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Dual booster landings from 5 km (3 miles) at 120 frames per second. Guys. This stuff is nuts!!!! 🤯 I can’t even explain how amazing it is to see this stuff in real life!!! Great work @SpaceX@twitter.com @elonmusk@twitter.com 🙌🚀

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Most of the @RocketChat@twitter.com team are huge fans of space. So this time we had a bit of a distributed viewing party of the @SpaceX@twitter.com launch!

Amazing launch and landing!

And so we enter the #fediverse. Support for all instances is coming soon. We're just waiting on more of the Keybase community to update to the latest versions so all of these new proof options will look good in the UI. Thanks for your excitement!

So turns out there is another Aaron Ogle out there that is also a software developer. What are the odds of sharing a name and line of work?

Sadly seems I have been blocked by @atogle@twitter.com 😔

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I wrote a blog post on what I think it means to be a distinguished engineer or technical fellow.

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Friend found had this: anomali.com/blog/rocke-evolves on one of his servers. Hides its self away in /etc/ld.so.preload and cron as a fallback. 😶

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Starting today, see all the issues you're subscribed to on GitHub by visiting github.com/notifications/subsc.

This is just a first step! We're listening to your feedback and will iterate quickly on this one.

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If you are interested in adding functionality to Rocket.Chat or integrating your solutions. Be sure to check out this webinar!

Looking forward to learning more!

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Our webinar is almost here! Today's session will cover on our Marketplace, led by Apps Advocate Douglas Gubert.
Join us at 11am (GMT - 6) today rocket.chat/2019/03/07/apps-de 👋

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My son promptly tried steal Sammy. Saying “baby shark doot doo?” 😂

Got an unexpected package in the mail today. What an awesome company!

Thanks for the swag bag @digitalocean ! You rock!

Been a fan of space from a young age.

But never thought I’d ever get to see Rocket’s taking off and landing at this frequency! Simply amazing the pace we are taking off and landing them!

Love it!

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Falcon 9 booster has landed on the Of Course I Still Love You droneship—SpaceX’s 35th successful landing of a rocket booster

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We just finished migrating between two major cloud providers today!

You try to become provider agnostic as much as possible just in case... But wow.. what a journey!

Being on k8s with tooling built around it’s api definitely made the process much easier.

Today demoed @RocketChat@twitter.com running on @awscloud@twitter.com EKS using @HelmPack@twitter.com @traefik@twitter.com and eksctl using the @awsmarketplace@twitter.com @RocketChat@twitter.com Image 🙌

Video: youtube.com/watch?v=U3ePJR0V0L
Doc: rocket.chat/docs/installation/

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And we're live! Join us now for a webinar demo about Rocket.Chat deployment on @awsmarketplace@twitter.com with our Lead Cloud Architect @geekgonecrazy@twitter.com!

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Join our Lead Cloud Architect @geekgonecrazy@twitter.com tomorrow for a free webinar on deploying Rocket.Chat on @awsmarketplace@twitter.com!

Sign up here: ow.ly/vkfk30nzk8L and see you tomorrow at 10am (GMT -6)!

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Very happy to launch our EU region! Good job Cloud team!👏

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Happy Data Privacy Day!
We ensure users retain control of their data by offering self hosting, e-2-e, and an audited code.
We're also proud to announce that we've just added an EU region to our Hosted Cloud offering!
More info here: ow.ly/XVL530nu5ub

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