What kind of madness is this?? a provider offers a firewall... but then the rules don’t apply to any public ip belonging to them even those in different country. Not just like they don’t block those in same network. This feels equivalent to no firewall at all

If that goes well.. maybe drop a raspberry pi in the mix to receive instructions plans so can behave just like a rover would on Mars? 🤔

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With Mars rover take off. My kids have expressed a lot of curiosity around how the robot works and how they will talk to it.

So I’m thinking about taking them through the idea, plan, prototype iterate process and end with a remote controlled robot.

I have some time off coming.. so I’m thinking about building one using:
* arduino nanos
* 433mhz receiver/transmitter
* breadboards
* buttons
* stepper motors with drivers

Maybe initially with little battery for cellphone charge to the usb?

I’m thinking about giving Fiverr a shot to have someone design an avatar fitting for my username..

I’ve had business cards and a business logo designed on Fiverr in the past.. but never something like this. Anyone else gone this route?

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Falcon 9 launches ANASIS-II to orbit - the second flight for this booster, which launched @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug to the @Space_Station in May. More photos → flickr.com/spacex

Super interested to see how this plays out! Need to get my instances up to 2.x so I can try this!
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🎊 Introducing Traefik Pilot: a First Look at Our New SaaS Control Platform for Traefik bit.ly/2Cl7pqK

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On Friday 2020-07-24 at 23:00 UTC we will be undergoing Infrastructure Maintenance on our Cloud Services. You may experience brief interrupts on cloud console, push gateway or marketplace during this time. We don’t expect this to last more than 2 hours.


Some thought after a few hours. Likely not alone in this thought... Yes the twitter hackers raked in 12BTC..

But they won’t be able to cash that money out. That address and all transactions branching from it are under microscope.

I feel like this was kinda two fold:
1) that public shaming / hacker “I’ve been here” type thing
2) a massive misdirect

If they had access... the real gold mine was probably in the DMs. 🤔

Pinecil joins pinephone, pinetime and pinebook pro on my wish list. @thepine64 is such a cool company
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July update: @postmarketOS CE now available; 3GB RAM/32GB eMMC+USB-C Convergence Package $199; -V Pinecil soldering iron for $25; IP cam returns for $25; @freebsd news on ; PinePhone runs 100hrs in idle; and much more!

With all of the politicians being hacked and not the whitehouse based accounts..

I wonder.. If they have a certificate based authentication in place for those accounts to help prevent anyone else from being able to post.

I can see such a thing being requested

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Good luck @Twitter ops! May your keystrokes be swift and true. ⚔️

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Wow looks like still happening to other accounts.

Idk twitters policy on verified.. but I would assume they force 2FA.

So I wonder if a 3rd party with oauth creds in common that got breached?

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242 transactions as of now... 6.33821608 BTC sent to it. $58,360.39

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Craziest thing to me is that has already had 200 transactions sent to that address.

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Wow looks like both @elonmusk and @BillGates accounts hacked. Both with same typical send me BTC and I will send it back doubled. Same BTC address.

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My friend @deliberatecoder built an open-source Pi-based thingie that gives you video/keyboard access pre-boot to computers over the web. Super-useful for debugging headless machines. 15% off today too. tinypilotkvm.com?tomsentmehere

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Guest WiFi Password:

Curious.. does anyone know of any major web app that utilizes SSE(server-sent events)? Seems so under utilized.. everyone seems to opt for websockets and pipe events over it... when there is something literally built for this.

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"Google drops Blogspot India domain breaking hundreds of thousands of links"

What a mess!


1. Move away from Blogspot. It's not getting any love

2. Own your domain name even if you post on someone else's platform (so you can switch if necessary)

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