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🐼 Very happy to announce that Pull Panda is now part of GitHub. Pull Reminders, Pull Assigner, and Pull Analytics are free in the GitHub Marketplace for all GitHub customers. Excited to integrate these features directly into GitHub over the coming months!

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Got one of these alerts last week. Wondered how they pulled it off. Cool to know github is facilitating this!

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👇 GitHub token scanning at work! We automatically detect and work with service partners to disable tokens that appear in public repos. help.github.com/en/articles/ab twitter.com/peeterskris/status

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Join Rocket.Chat tomorrow at 2:30PM (GMT -3) for a hosted by our CEO @gabriel_engel@twitter.com discussing current developments, investments, product launches and more. 💬

Please sign up for the event to receive the latest information: ow.ly/LYGO50uAGbY

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Another one bites the dust. ⁦@GoogleTrips@twitter.com⁩ joins inbox in recently discarded pile.

Will have to take a closer at ⁦@tripsyapp@twitter.com⁩ for trip planning! :) arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/0

Enjoyed talking about how @RocketChat@twitter.com uses @traefik@twitter.com !

Also did a quick demo on how to deploy both to your own EKS cluster.

Spoiler: the automatic letsencrypt is awesome!

Thanks to the @traefik@twitter.com team for the opportunity and for the great product!


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One thing that seems to have gotten hidden from the GitHub announcements is actually THE MOST VALUABLE feature for open source maintainers:

The ability to have private discussions and code review about security vulnerabilities WITHIN your repo.

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Ready for another limited-edition @brave@twitter.com @AttentionToken@twitter.com coin giveaway? This time, IT'S GOLD! Coin number 048 is up for grabs. Follow me, and Retweet this for a chance to win. Winner will be chosen on May 17th, at 3pm ET.

(Note: Twitter doesn't treat Quote Retweets as Retweets.)

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We just launched custom thread subscriptions on GitHub, so you can limit the types of notifications you receive for any issue and pull request to be specific to merge, reopened and/or closed events. Hopefully this helps attenuate the flood of notifications for maintainers. 🤞

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We hope you can join us tomorrow for this webinar with @d_gubert@twitter.com , with a focus on Managing Data and concepts of the Apps-Engine 🚀. Details & registration: rocket.chat/2019/05/08/rc-apps

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Wow k3s is already pretty amazing! Spent a couple of hours messing with it this evening. In a matter of minutes had running on bare metal and accepting traffic via @traefik@twitter.com

Soon after @RocketChat@twitter.com and other apps.

Next up k3OS. All kinds of goodies from @Rancher_Labs@twitter.com 🙂

We've reached a point where we'd like to start #hiring developers to work on the #WriteFreely roadmap 💻 :writefreely2:

This would be remote, contract-based work for now, with a chance to go full-time later in the year (assuming all continues going well). You'd be creating free / open source software.

I'll have more details soon, but especially if you're a #Go / #Golang developer and want to work on a growing #fediverse project, I'd love to hear from you!

#FOSS #job #jobs

Wow this makes me a bit nostalgic! Played a lot of Mario and Tetris when I was younger. Need to get my hands on one of these again so my kids can experience :)

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NEW VIDEO: My YouTube Original Special - Retro Tech! The Nintendo Game Boy youtu.be/Oy8zSYKkczI - RT!

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Dual booster landings from 5 km (3 miles) at 120 frames per second. Guys. This stuff is nuts!!!! 🤯 I can’t even explain how amazing it is to see this stuff in real life!!! Great work @SpaceX@twitter.com @elonmusk@twitter.com 🙌🚀

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Most of the @RocketChat@twitter.com team are huge fans of space. So this time we had a bit of a distributed viewing party of the @SpaceX@twitter.com launch!

Amazing launch and landing!

And so we enter the #fediverse. Support for all instances is coming soon. We're just waiting on more of the Keybase community to update to the latest versions so all of these new proof options will look good in the UI. Thanks for your excitement!

So turns out there is another Aaron Ogle out there that is also a software developer. What are the odds of sharing a name and line of work?

Sadly seems I have been blocked by @atogle@twitter.com 😔

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I wrote a blog post on what I think it means to be a distinguished engineer or technical fellow.

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