Wow... kind of hard to believe


Today it was announced that Yahoo! Groups is shutting down, and taking with it a piece of critical national infrastructure: the Oftel Yahoo Group which is used for managing UK phone number assignments.

Yes, really: See Ofcom's website



"Request smuggling between Amazon ALBs and net/http"

Nice writeup on the security issue that prompted the 1.13.1/1.12.10 releases.



If you missed out our October's AMA, don't worry! 🚀

We have the recording on YouTube so you can watch anytime you'd like:

If you still have unanswered questions send us a message in our channel and we’ll be sure to respond! 💬


#RocketChat has finally been updated to version 3.5.1 on #FDroid. unfortunately this means you'll have to reinstall the app, if you have used an older version:


I had an awesome conversation with administrator yesterday inside's mission control center! We talked about the program safety and timelines, we talk about the Artemis Program and Gateway!


Continuing work on my new Mastodon app for iOS, and now bringing it to macOS!

It's basically like Tweetdeck for Twitter, but for Mastodon. 😛

A cool new way to see what’s new in 🚀


Got questions about Rocket.Chat's new version 2.1? We will be publishing a monthly interactive video with all the news and updates! Stay tuned! 🚀

🐦🔗: Well this is an old but interesting read. Turns out visual voicemail is leveraging IMAP to handle access and listened status.

The unencrypted part is disappointing...

Now this is pretty sweet!


That feeling when you first discovered `document.designMode`

🐦🔗: I have to wonder if Elon knew much about Jack Ma prior. The looks that go across his face 😂

Paid for web player a long time ago. Happy to see all the improvements coming to the web and across the platform.

Before all of this had been evaluating some alternatives.. all of this news made me even more uncertain. But this makes it a no brainer to stick with pocketcasts


Web player users we've heard you. We got it wrong with a 3 year Plus subscription for existing users. We're making it right with lifetime access to Pocket Casts Plus:


Interesting solution.. similar to some vault based solutions I’ve seen, minus the need for two vault servers


New blog post and feature! Introducing Keybase SSH, a way to authorize (and revoke) server access just by adding (or removing) people to a Keybase team.


Hey a bit of a frustrating UX bug for you..

On contributor PR’s we can edit code in their repo if they have “Allow edits from maintainers” checked. But I cannot commit suggestions made in code review.

Seems like this permission should apply here?

I’m not much of a hardware guy. But I find it pretty interesting. Recently came across the construction of a VGA “card”

Part 1

Part 2

Super interesting. This YouTuber has a lot of other videos on this subject as well.

Still super early days! We know there is a lot of additional things we could do. We hope you’ll tune in to our webinar. But if impatient like me:

We hope this will be an attractive option for those that want a bare metal install instead of caddy or docker.

Of course you have always been able to by hand. But this makes it a lot easier.

We do have snaps which have bundled caddy for a while. But because there is no user interaction possible during setup we can only do this as a guided step after install.

Makes installation super easy. During setup gives you the option to choose or and will set it up for you. Both of which give you auto ssl via


Rocketchatctl handles dependency installation and configuration, and optionally installs a loadbalancer/proxy with auto SSL provided by Let's Encrypt 🚀Subscription:


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