I am looking for reasons not to use Slack.
Trying to convince someone it's dodgy

@fatboy Looks really pricey compared to matrix. Does it offer any advantage over matrix?


idk abt dodgy, but they do “hold your data hostage” to encourage you to upgrade to a paid tier at a certain point.

depending on the context, slack can be a good choice unless self hosting is a practical alternative


There is no offline or local archive of Slack messages an no way to retrieve old messages if your account is cut off.

By default Slack fetches a copy of and scans all URLs you include in your messages.

Slack's (changeable) privacy policy does little to prevent data mining by the company or any future purchaser of it.

Slack centralizes communications in unencrypted form.

@fatboy 1 bloated, 2 not secure, 3 closed platform, 4 just plain sucks.

I like riot/matrix, open federated protocol and your choice of clients.

@fatboy I’ve just discovered Keybase and am liking it so far! Great alternative for those who care about privacy and crypto.

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