@NGIZero will support our upcoming work on calls and video-conferences in Dino. Read our announcement post:

@dino @NGIZero
Great news! Dino + Conversations + jitsi compatible video calls = dream comes true!!

@dino @NGIZero
Still hoping for proper multi platform support. Dino is great. Every other client is just too complicated to be recommended to my family.

@dino @NGIZero Could you share a bit more info about the grant and how the process went? I have a project related to privacy that is on the back burner due to other projects that are paying the bills now. Do they require some kind of established user base for the projects or is it okay if the app is more green?

@raphael @dino Of course, you can find more information about our selection procedure here -> and what types of activities qualify for financial support here -> To more specifically answer your question, an established user base is not a defined requirement for projects, we do also fund entirely new/green projects.

@Dino can you build a flatpak compatible with ARM to be able to install it in a smartphone with @Jolla #SailfishOS

@dino how is it going, is there a feature branch one can follow?

@dino congratulations! And thank you @NGIZero for coding such great feature everyone wants it.

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