@keyoxide To be honest… I do not understand how keyoxide works at all and what it really does except somehow doing something to link accounts cryptographically. You're writing in the FAQs that it is meant to make basic cryptography more accessible.
I have absolutely no problem understanding how PGP works (which is described as sooooo complicated). But man… The Keyoxide documentation is just cryptic.
Gonna try it later to see if I'll get it.

@jxself My latest kernel from your repo was built in 1983! Didn't know your kernel is so outdated 😃 Check your build machine clock 😃

@kuketzblog Corona-Warn-App von der Telekom und SAP unter Apache 2 auf github:
2 wichtige statements in den bekannten Problemen:
- The Exposure Notification API is gonna block you from successfully testing the Application unless you are whitelisted inside GMS.
- We are aware of the Play Store Limitations of GMS.

@computertruhe Kurzer Hinweis auf einen tollen Kanal für Elektronik Upcycling. Das neueste Video zeigt was man aus einzelnen Teilen kaputter Laptops bauen kann. youtube.com/channel/UCUQo7nzH1

@snikket_im Does snikket also use OMEMO for E2E-Encryption?


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