A first impression of the upcoming Briar desktop client

If you have suggestions for improvement, shout your ideas to us.

You'll find the codebase of the upcoming Briar desktop client here:
(it's still very early development stage)

Some of your feedback we received, already resulted in some UI adjustments accomplished by

Here's an impression it:

@briar Where can i read about the reasoning behind deprecating Briar GTK?

The reason is, so that it's easier to take as much as possible from the existing Briar code base. The code base is written in Java and Kotlin.

A proper blog post will follow soon.

@briar Will it have multi-device support, or will it only connect using an independent account, like the existing desktop client?

@Steinar eventually yes. maybe not for the beta release.
The development is at an early stage.

@briar :

- Collapsible Forum threads
- Images in Forum and Blog posts
- Video attachment support in Messages; Forum and Blog
- Searchable Blog & Forum
- PinePhone/Librem/Mobile Linux support
- QR codes to add at a distance, for posting on Blogs; Websites or on Social Media Platforms
- Browser addon for registering "briar://" urls
- Investigate the internet connection issues. Bluetooth is fine, WiFi is fine, but Internet is constantly disconnecting, and has been for a very long time. Only solution is logout, close and restart Briar.

Hope that helps. No doubt you already know of all of these, just thought I'd throw in my 2c :)
@adbenitez @briar oh, and:
- responsive desktop app for different screen sizes/orientations (particularly portrait, and specifically mobile)
- and aarm64 architecture support


- seamless migration from Briar-GTK to the new application
- a working application that gets updates via a deb repository that won't break basic functionality

Give a look to RetroShare.
It's a desktop application to have serverless and decentralised:
chat, audio calls, file sharing, forum, ande-mails!

Is it possible to have the mesh network of Briar, and the decentralised services of RetroShare, somehow?

Maybe a bridge.

This would double the userbase!
Keep in mind is bridged with IRC and XMPP!

@briar I would love to have a single sided anonymous introduction addresses / codes, allowing to establish connection without the need of pre-connection mutual key exchange.

@briar get rid of the border around the search and message boxes and just make the background a slightly lighter color. Will make the whole thing look cleaner. The two people icons on the top right are very similar I have no idea what the difference would be just by looking at them. The green material design + button is a weird color choice to mix with the dark blue of the theme. And it’s also too close in color to the “online” status dots next to the contacts.

@liaizon @briar Yes to all of the above, and make it more visually prominent which contact/tab is currently selected (higher contrast, a border).

@briar wooo! 🎉

Although I do understand the reasons behind deprecating Briar GTK, I still wish it was an option. Ah well, one day. 🙂

@rysiek @briar Why people deprecate good-old libraries like #GTK and #QT? I'm just wondering. GTK4 is out or coming but it is there, QT5 is already there.

@cnx @briar abilty to re-use code from the mobile version. With a small project team like #Briar's, it makes all the sense.

But nothing is stopping the community to step in and make a GTK or Qt client. Briar is not Signal, and there is no moxie involved. 😉

@briar Just tell me this isn't an Electron "application".

@sacredbirdman I'm not sure that actually excludes Electron, tho…

// @briar

@briar @phryk @sacredbirdman Do you mean this Compose?

If yes, can the "Google's modern toolkit" become a problem in regards to Briar being FOSS, security and privacy?

@nmke_de @phryk @sacredbirdman
Briar is dependant on Compose on the desktop as Briar is on all sorts of androidx libraries and android system components on Android. "Compose is apache licensed. I don't think it's likely that google would take it proprietary, but it's possible that they'd abandon it at some point. but i think that risk exists for any library or platform"

Personally, I would assume the risk of Google adding privacy-breaking stuff is probably bigger.

I mean, I've never done any serious analysis on their software, but breaking privacy *is* their business after all.

Hope it gets independent reviews often enough to minimize that risk of course, but I'm a bit of a pessimist in that regard. :P

@nmke_de @sacredbirdman

@briar Briar GTK is dead? Really like that there is a fully featured client but i loved the idea of having a native GTK app.

@fredy_pferdi @briar Unfortunately the person working on the GTK app is currently helping the full-featured Compose Desktop app. I'd also love a GTK app, but the GTK app requires development and maintenance of a Briar Wrapper app to use the Bramble/Briar API, which I imagine is a lot of work for a small team. The wrapper app can be found here:

@briar dammnn this looks soo cool! My only wish is syncing across devices and support on images attachment on forums and group chat! :02hug:
@briar It looks cool. Can you specify how long the messages will persist before automatically derezzing?

@qapaq @briar It's currently being written in Compose for desktop which should be more memory efficient than an electron app. This allows the team to directly use the existing Bramble/Briar libraries which are written in java. Also will allow for code sharing between the desktop and android UI. I'm able to build and run it pretty well on my 10+ year old laptop!

@lunch @briar I think it's too early to tell, compose desktop is still very new and most of the Bramble/Briar services aren't integrated into the app. I'm a minor contributor and new to the project, but my goal is to be able to run it without worry on my 2011 thinkpad. For users needing a very low memory solution there's a CLI that can send 1 on 1 private messages:

@jenny @cassidyclown
>Also please check matrix some day

What do you mean?

@jenny @briar @cassidyclown yesss!!! still waiting on image attachment on Forum and Group chats and hopefully on Blog too

@briar sadly Briar (actually Tor) stopped working for me here in Cuba, I tried enabling bridges etc. but couldn't get Briar or Orbot working :(

@soloojos la verdad dudo que funciona, si ni briar ni el propio Orbot conectan

@ggus @briar I don't see any option to select an specific bridge in the app, the option just says "use Tor network with bridges"

@adbenitez @ggus @briar

Donde dice usar bridges lo marcas y te aparece la opción de elegir el puente, como muestra la segunda imagen.

@soloojos @ggus @briar me refería a Briar, no Orbot, en Orbot activo eso y he probado con varias de las opciones y no pasa nada, no me muestra ninguna lista de bridges solo dice "Success. Bridge configuration is Good!" pero cuando doy en el botón de iniciar Orbot siempre se queda trabado al 10%

@adbenitez @ggus @briar

en briar lo de los puentes esta en: configuración -> conexiones -> método de conexión para la red tor y ahí aparecen 3 opciones.

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