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Chris @RyuKurisu

"Fennec F-Droid, which is F-Droid’s unbranded Firefox build, updated to v60, finally bringing all Firefox quantum improvements to android.

By the way, several people told us they find the icon ugly. Think you can do better? Here’s your chance! Send us a new design, and we might make it the official new Fennec F-Droid icon!" according to the latest TWiF @fdroidorg

Well you can suggest it yourself in the forum post from a later boost, but I prefer the current logo over that monstrosity.

And it is already affiliated with IceCat, so it's a no go no matter what we think 🙃

@RyuKurisu @fdroidorg ouch... ok, I get it. Anyway, the fennec fox is cutest than most cats, it really deserves a better icon 😎

@RyuKurisu I'd really love to see a new icon. It makes me sad every time I'm scrolling through my recent apps.