this reinforces my opinion:

No one needs #SelfCrashingCars.

They are nothing but a ploy to extend the nefarious influence of tech companies on society.

And a welcome addition to the #panopticon's toolbox against privacy

@RTP #SmartCity = city as surveillance and top-down social cybernetics lab



As long as we have mega billionaire tech overlords of great purchasing power, rich immunity to financial wound (fines), their a single sentence sways entire markets... :ohgno:

We really would do well to no further empower the (already) too powerful.

@RTP I think so too. Information technology could be very beneficial to everyone - but not until there is an understanding that it must not be used to extract profit from people's lives.

@quincy @RTP even without self-drive features, the 360° camera view of connected cars is a huge problem that drives us fullspeed into a #surveillancestate

@AstaMcCarthy @RTP Definitely. I already feel my privacy has been violated every time I pass by a #Tesla. I don't even understand how these things can be legal under GDPR ...

@AstaMcCarthy @RTP It's one of those laissez faire things when it comes to privacy laws.

In theory, they ought to protect members of the public even if it would mean curtailing activities that are already widespread.

@AstaMcCarthy @RTP

In practice, my complaints about video "surveillance" (really data retention) in public transport, for instance, often get thrown out by data protection authorities.

Even though it contradicts their own position papers. Even though it's their job to put a stop to total surveillance, not just newsletters and other chicken feed. In other words, I think it's the job of data protection authorities to rock the effing #boat and stop the attack on society and they just refuse ...

@quincy @RTP indeed. "Legitimate interest " in combination with total lack of enforcement is deadly for #privacy

@AstaMcCarthy @RTP

Indeed, "legitimate interest" seems to be a door-opener for all kinds of "reasons" to collect data on people.

I can almost feel the /stress/ the word "legitimate" must be feeling when pressured to do the dirty mercenary work of providing respectable-looking cover for what would often be better described as "questionable interests" ... 😉

@RTP Soon in Canberra Australia (construction said to begin in the coming months) a new system will be deployed to help "ease traffic issues". They will achieving this by keeping track of MAC addresses (with a timestamp) for every intersection crossed via Bluetooth.


@Cyph0ZD Soon as I heard "Candiru" w/behind it (notorious Israeli spyware company), knew it wasn't about getting to work early. (did I hear that wrong?).

Candiru Israeli spyware company, fittingly named after an Amazonian fish that slips into the penis and swims up the urethra into the human body (penis).


Fitting name for surveillance co. ;)

Pure track + control human data.

Owning our data = owning us -> "hacking us" (as Yuval Harari puts it).


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