@PINE64 so did the hammerhead sell out already, did you forget to put the hammerhead on the shop (it's mentioned that it's on the shop a few times, but it's totally NOT on the shop) or is the "July" that is mentioned in the article when this is ACTUALLY supposed to be posted? (:

@djsundog @PINE64 Thanks... but it's not on the page before it, which happens to be the one linked to in the article (:

@djsundog @PINE64 Hmm, that page now has items on it that were not there when I first complained, or when I looked before.

Either a (server side) cache issue, or it wasn't released for "overseas" yet. I say server side as I haven't been to that page before, so it wouldn't have had a local cache...

@PINE64 is there a trademark issue that means you have to say "drop-in replacement for the most popular solution on the market?"


I don't know what you're talking about 😇

(Don't know if it's a trademark issue, but it's along those lines yes)

Hi! Do you post on briar to? If so pleas share your id for contact

@PINE64 When will pinephone have 8gb of ram? Is it possible in near future?

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