Absolutely FANTASTIC video by @aral on breaking down the essence of in an easy to understand way for non-techies. Pass it along to someone you care about:)

I love the fact that there's also a link for use with
Times they are a changin' !

@aral any chance you're on ?

@LPS Haven’t had a chance to look into Peertube properly yet. Will do :)

@aral @LPS

I put it on my own PeerTube instance, but I don't have a clue from where it comes and what rights are attached to this video, so it's unlisted/undescripted at the moment. ( @aral just tell me if you want it removed)

Worth to be subtitled IMHO (we (@Framasoft) could translate from english to french if source is available)

@pyg @aral @LPS @Framasoft

> "Actually you're not the product, you're the livestock that's being farmed ... they are factory farms for human beings..."

I feel like this guy captures the idealism of the late 90s Internet.

@pyg @aral @LPS @Framasoft
Really clear and concise speech, thanks Aral, it's not an easy thing to do!
I really love the metaphor about the door and the foot before it slams shut :)

@pyg @aral @LPS @Framasoft

LPS's vimeo link gave me HTTP 410 Gone 403 Forbidden

Very cool: "my own PeerTube instance". No nasty 3rd party trackers, no vimeo, no Youtube (no google). I have seen this vid before though. Still trying to view the recent Aral video on Aljazeera (not getting much). Might need to try another browser?

@VeintePesos @pyg @LPS @Framasoft I have that video hosted on our own Vimeo account and embedded on my own site using our own player (without tracking) at

@aral @pyg @LPS @Framasoft
Ah, yea, it uses Vimeo (not as bad as Youtube).

That PeerTube instance of pyg didn't require squat. I did need to enable javascript though. No other 3rd party sockets opened to view:

The future really is decentralized, resilient, redundant, censorship resistant and all without the load and bandwidth being carried by a single server:)

@aral @pyg @Framasoft

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