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*Stand With Glenn Greenwald*

"In an obvious attempt to retaliate against The Intercept’s critical reporting on abuses committed by Brazilian judicial officials, prosecutors have filed a criminal complaint against our co-founder Glenn Greenwald.

There is no democracy without a free press. We ask advocates for press freedom everywhere to join in condemning the Bolsonaro government’s transparent effort to intimidate and criminalize journalists."


#GlennGreenwald #TheIntercept #pressFreedom #journalism #Brazil #Bolsonaro

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I just discovered codeberg.org, a free-to-use and open-for-registration #Gitea instance run by the German non-profit organisation #Codeberg e.V. – @codeberg is “dedicated to build and maintain supporting infrastructure for the creation, collection, dissemination, and archiving of Free and Open Source Software”. Nice Github and Gitlab alternative :)

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Yes we live in societies where we live as neighbors with each other, in social contract, our day-to-day governed by written legal-formal laws, and as well as other semi-formal and non-formal presumably collectively agreed upon community norms. Facts remain though.

(Memepic copied to/from FB/Twitter/Tumblr/etc.)

#fz_thinkingOutLoud #Politics #Philosophy #Sociology #Morality

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PSA: If you do use #Brave browser, be aware it doesn't block #Facebook or #Twitter trackers

For Facebook tracking Brave white-lists

According to Brave developers, it's white-listed due to causing Facebook login to break if blocked.

See issue #1108 on Github


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It’s awesome that we’re starting to see this stuff in the mainstream media!


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Richard Feynman’s "Notebook Technique" Will Help You Learn Any Subject–at School, at Work, or in Life

openculture.com/?p=1034006 t.co/VjQTtSnC8V

Any thoughts on this tool? Would you trust them?

Mine - The Future of Data Ownership

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How Bernie pays for his proposals:

RT @dawnsaffron@twitter.com

@sarahforbernie@twitter.com @BernieSanders@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/dawnsaffron/status

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Do you know an individual or a non-profit who could use some programming help? fixing technical issues? automating a spreadsheet? modifying a wordpress theme?

I'm looking to do pro bono freelance work, please reach out! (boosts ok)

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In late 2018 Bloomberg published a widely criticized, probably untrue story about China inserting secret chips in Supermicro motherboards. In response, Henrik Moltke and I dug into the Snowden archive and wrote the definitive piece on ACTUAL supply chain attacks, based on actual documents and evidence theintercept.com/2019/01/24/co

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Anyone have any good resources about the California Consumer Privacy Act? Like lists of companies that sell your data and require opting out?

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Anyone for an impact study of ? All these servers for collecting information, infrastructures, these smartphones that send data constantly, there's inevitably impacts on batteries, power consumption, bandwidth, network equipments or devices wear 🤔

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