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The Fantastic Ian Hubert (project london, tears of steel, dynamo, lazy tutorials) joined Pablo Vasquez on Blender Everyday:)

Watch it on or the opensource gods won't love you ...and don't forget to boost!

IAN HUBERT | Blender Everyday #10 - video.blender.org video.blender.org/videos/watch

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Jeff Bezos makes $2,500 per second. In the time it might take you to read this sentence, he will have accumulated another $7,500. Somehow he can't find the money to give his employees paid sick leave. $15,000. $17,500. $20,000. That feels wrong to me.

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unpaywall.org/ provides Chrome and Firefox add-ons that notify you when a journal article is available without a paywall.

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#BigBlueButton and #NextCloudTalk #VideoConference: Performance & Maximum Users

4 fine up to 4 users [b]
5 fine with video; up to 20 audio only [f]
>5 performance gets problems [a]
50 seems to work with high performance backend [f]

8 fine, few crashes [c]
19 fine with students [g]
45 worked well, some issues with slow internet. It can handle much more users if users muted & turn off video [d]
>100 for presentation; complicated if >25 users use video [e]

See reply for sources

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Holy moly! Free high-quality 3D assets with a CC-0 license. Now this makes me want to contribute some of my models! 3dmodelhaven.com/


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"I need , not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are." (c) u/starrywisdomofficial

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Today is my first day on Mastodon. I’m a music creator, and I use a variety of digital audio workstations to make music. I make music that is upbeat. #introductions

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Would anyone like to take the domain hack.pictures? It was originally purchased for a pixelfed instance that never appeared.

Here's the deal: I'll add whatever DNS records you want for the domain, and you have a week to do something with it, and if I see you've got stuff set up then I'll transfer it to you.

I don't want your money but your registrar might charge you for the transfer.

Boots welcome.
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U.S. denies a purchase of respirator masks for frontline healthcare workers by the province of Ontario. Canada's politicians, who enjoy imposing criminal sanctions against Venezuela and Iran, are now fumbling all over the place to get their hands on supplies.

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It is during tough times that we see those who truly care about humanity, and those who care about profit and imperial interests. #ElBloqueoMata #TheBlockadeKills #Cuba

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Twitter is blocking uploads of this chilling video.

MSNBC narrates the Great COVID Depression, but mentions nothing about how THEY prop up senile Joe Biden, during a rigged election, to keep Trump in power and possibly kill millions of Americans.

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These are some cool web interfaces you can use with your Mastodon account :mastodon:

Halcyon ( :twitter: like)

Cuckoo Plus ( :google: like)

Pinafore (simple)

You can just login with your #Mastodon or other #fediverse account. (@username@domain.com)

Have fun :mastodance: :stux:

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