Are you aware of any open web work / uses / examples on/of the social graph? If so let me know!

@ton just to get it right, are you looking for examples like the blogger researching other bloggers? Or the graphic representation of networks like that?

@remcoboerma as an example, yes. FB has their data representation of the social graph as fundament underneath their business. I wonder about building one's own social graph, starting from yourself on the open web. Which is why bloggers are a logical example. I blog, follow others who also follow others who follow others and me etc. Now there's no easy way to navigate that let alone automatically. The fediverse is interesting too, less for the micro actions (likes, boosts) more for the follows.


@ton in that case groups has been used like that. Join a group, scout the member's photo's for quality and follow those you like.

@remcoboerma yes, like that but then to do it automatically and to create a network map (as data, not as visual) of those connections

@ton thnx I understand now, I think. Thinking to myself about why we should do so, or wouldn't want to, the gdpr comes to mind. Collecting information about an individuals network would be to privacy sensitive to us. But seeing the influence networks and subsidies/grants have over each other as can be seen through implemented best practices or the effort to do so could be really useful.

@ton we're also working with a Metadata set that is applied to more than one single type. That will eventually result in a graph of inter related entities, activities, grants, studies. Probably distributed amongst various systems, but the integration happens at the graph level as well as at a hypertext level. I'm not sure if that would be something you're after

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