OpenVK now supports two-factor authentication (2FA)

You can now protect your profile not only with a complex password, but also with the help of a new feature - two-factor authentication. It can be used even without internet. To do this, you need a code generation app. For example, Google Authenticator for Android and iOS or FOSS Aegis and andOTP for Android.

And when you log into your account, the site will require a code that was generated by the application to generate codes

Two little changes by @vc:
🙈 Zeros aren't shown in like/repost counters anymore.
🔢 Pagination was updated so last pages can be easily accessed.

We've fixed the strange behavior where the result was not immediately visible while changing the skin. Now skin is applied as soon as you click the "Save" button in the settings.

👥 Groups update: coadmins are now visible to other users in a separate section, unless this feature is disabled by owner. Also group owners may now be hidden 🕵️‍♀️.

Due to rapid popularity our main instance is temporarily down. We will be able to migrate to new hosting on 25th of October.

Pop-up Notifications: Now in Action!

Remember our lil' popups we added a few commits ago? Now they can serve their initial purpose: deliver important notifications from network straight to the browser. Likes, comments and many other things can now be seen in pop-up notifications thanks to OpenVK's brand new Apache Kafka integration.

Pop-Up Notifications.

The ability to show notifications has been added to the source code. At the moment it is only shown after reposting. In the future, we're going to add a live notification for likes, new comments, or, eventually, friend request accepts.

We now have graffities!

You can now also attach drawn graffiti to your wall posts in addition to photos. Show your imagination thanks to the used library

Comments replying and attachments.

Now there's a "Reply" button under every comment which allows to reply to a user and they will get notification about it.

Also comments now support attachments. You can upload different photos which you would like to attach to your comment.

Our main instance is back online! Here's the gift code for our site points:

Due to DDoS attacks, OpenVK is currently offline. It will go back online in few hours.

Hi there! We added a Gifts and Vauchers to our engine!

At this moment, Vaucher purchase on our main instance are available only in CIS (at least Russia)


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