A new version of K-9 Mail is out! 🎉

Version 6.200 adds the big feature you've been waiting for: OAuth 2.0 support for Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and personal Microsoft accounts.

The new version is currently rolling out in stages to our Google Play users. You should expect an available update by the end of the week.

Using @fdroidorg? Expect it to arrive there very soon.

Want the K-9 Mail 6.200 APK? Find it on our GitHub:

TIP: If you're a Gmail user, we have a guide explaining how to get your account working again in K-9 Mail:

K-9 Mail 6.200 also adds an easy “Unsubscribe” action that is displayed in the menu when viewing a message that contains an Unsubscribe header. And you can enjoy various bug fixes and some updated translations.

Thanks for your patience, your donations, and your support!

@k9mail @fdroidorg oh yes i've really just been on the edge of my seat to be able to log into fedmail. 😂

i would think the intersection of gmail users and k-9 users is small. the gmail app is probably better for gmail users, no?

@sneak @k9mail @fdroidorg

I suspect that most K9 users have Gmail accounts. Why shouldn't they have a less abusive mail client that works with Gmail?

@k9mail @fdroidorg
I assume it depends if you want it to display your mail or sort it into 5 categories first.

@k9mail @fdroidorg Let me read out how that *almost* sounds to me :troll: : "YAY! New version finally supports Google, Microsoft, Exxon Mobile, Monsanto, Google and Microsoft. Go to Google or to Microsoft to get it. Get it faster by directly going to Microsoft!

Oh,… F-Droid,… well,… 'soonish' I guess?" :troll:

@k9mail @fdroidorg you know which feature I'd love to see in K9 mail? To be able to save a contact locally in the app, and not on the device's contacts, so that it's not visible to other apps

@k9mail wait… (checks the calendar) ­– no, it's not April 1st.

No offense meant, but… couldn't that have gone to an add-on for those using the mentioned services? I guess most of the current K-9 users have chosen the app to get free of those "services"… personally, I'd feel much better if they were not "included". Whenever I read those names in such a context, I start counting my spoons…

@Arco @IzzyOnDroid @k9mail

The big mail providers have switched from username/password to username + oauth token for authentication.

K9 was no longer usable with the big providers who'd switched over to requiring oauth2.

More details here:

I couldn't get my work email with k9 because my works office365 account had been switched over to requiring oauth2.

I think google gmail had also dropped username/password authentication as well.

@alienghic @IzzyOnDroid @k9mail Yes I know about that, and I don't really see an issue in having K9-Mail supporting those providers again :) (even if I understand why some people might not like)

@Arco @alienghic @k9mail Yeah, I guess too many trigger-words in such a short text 🙈 I've ditched those "providers" long ago, and rather avoid any way of closer contact. My mail is rather personal to me, and those are known to… well, you know.

As long as those things "stay off" when I do not actively say otherwise, it should be OK. I only hope no other Mozilla "features" like telemetry or "experiences" find their way to K-9.

@IzzyOnDroid @alienghic @k9mail If I have understood correctly they want to add in a way to synchronise settings with Thunderbird desktop, and that would be made through the Mozilla account...

@Arco @alienghic @k9mail Well, that's disabled by default, right? And you can leave that off, can't you? (please don't say I have to get out that Anakin-and-Amidala meme now…)

And btw, why involve a 3rd party for that and not simply sync it using a specific IMAP folder the user can specify?

@IzzyOnDroid @alienghic @k9mail I think they already discussed this, but specific IMAP folders might get treated differently by providers and it would just be a mess... I saw all this on a youtube video with the thunderbird devs/staff

@Arco @alienghic and by "providers" you mean those listed in the initial post? If providers "treat" the folders any other than a normal mail folder, they're not adhering to the standards I'd say. But who am I to argue that.

I have a guess on such "treatments" if it comes to that list: scanning content, placing ads, "fixing" links "for your safety"? I know why I closed that door. But that's me, YMMV.

@Arco there must be an error. Either you're not honest, or you know which providers (in which case you're not honest 🤪). If you really mean it: they're all listed in the original post by k9. MS rewrites links, all scan your mail for whatever reason (to "improve their services" is the phrasing, I guess), and all deal with ads…

@IzzyOnDroid No but I mean I don't know which providers they have tested for sync through IMAP folder, so can't answer you on that one 😉 🙃

@IzzyOnDroid @k9mail
My estimate is that the majority of K-9 Mail users is using at least one account with one of these providers.

(Sadly,) the fraction of users who choose K-9 Mail because it is open source and tries to protect their privacy is rather small.

@cketti @IzzyOnDroid @k9mail I have to use a Google account for work, so having any sort of support is nice

Thanks @cketti – sad, indeed. Bubble-thinking of me then. I thought if someone's happy with G they use G-mail, and so on. But yeah, I saw from the responses that not every use of such accounts is purely voluntary. That said, *you* I trust (I'm using K-9 for around 10 years now). We're more worried of ideas from "elsewhere". Which makes us kind of "extra sensible" I guess. But separating such triggers so they cannot fire (addon not installed) might keep rumors at bay, was my first thought :wink:

@IzzyOnDroid @k9mail Seems weird to me to move this to an addon. It is just authentication.

If (mailserver == Gmail) {
} else {

The rest is 100% the same and this code won't trigger on other mail providers (because you're not trying to link into Google then).

It's really not scary in any way, Thunderbird does the same thing.

Thanks for checking, @SylvieLorxu – I already calmed down 😆 As already said, probably too many trigger words on small room, also see comments by other fedizens. But there you can see what bad reputation "big tech" has for some/many of us: just mention some of them, and we expect the worst… @k9mail

As for "Addon": While the idea "what's not in cannot offend" is one thing, I wonder whether OAuth is fully F/LOSS? I vaguely remember discussions on that, but might be wrong.

@IzzyOnDroid @k9mail The libraries are fully FOSS. However, you could argue the process itself isn't as at one point it requires opening a browser to an authentication page, and Google's has non-free Javascript in it.

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