Are you a software maintainer? Please upload your releases with source code to and make this a part of your release process. This will ensure that anyone wanting to use your software in the future will be able to find it. Please boost.

@be Is there a simple howto for contributing? I find that site rather unintuitive.

@kai Make an account then an Upload link will appear in the top right.

@be @kai Extra steps involving web browsers are kindof a deal breaker. Is there some "how to upload via the command line" documentation? If it's not automated, it's not really part of the release process.

@bremner @kai I thought about that but haven't looked into it. I'd be surprised if there wasn't some API to automate it but it might not be (well) documented. I suggest reaching out to to ask.

@be if you use your code for science, then use (it will also give you DOI for the release).

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