We've added a new Do Not Track feature for our privacy concerned users! This will prevent from using Google Analytics, as well as social media sharing code, from every page you visit on the site.

While this reduces functionality of the site, and it means we lose visibility on how those people are using it, privacy is an important feature for a lot of our community and we want to support their choice.

@GetTogetherComm why do you have Google Analytics at all? Use Matomo to really respect your users... And use something like for social media without tracking

Any chance of having this by default? Opt-out is good, but defaults are better.

Can you have an on/off button for each social media? So that a user will not be tracked unless he click on this button [the real social media button load] and click again on the real social media button.

This way no one is tracked by default and every one is able to share when he want to.

I cannot remember the French blog where I saw that. Thought it was @Framasoft .

Instead of Google analytics maybe you can use Piwik

@GetTogetherComm 2
Why is Google Analytics in there in the first place? It shouldn't be there and be opt-out for people who know about DNT and know how and where to configure it in all their browsers on all their devices. And check that after each and every update again.

@GetTogetherComm How about a “Please track me” feature instead? Surveillance by default is surveillance; privacy by default is privacy.

Why expose people who use your instance to Google's profiling at all? I’d strongly urge you to consider implementing first-party analytics if absolutely necessary and to use qualitative data (talk to your community & listen to their feedback) over quantitative data whenever possible.

@arjenpdevries @aral If you self-host Piwik, do you get all the "Premium features" for free, or do you still have to pay for them?

@GetTogetherComm @aral I would say "no" as the page reads "premium features for your self-hosted Matomo".

Btw: nothing stops you from developing these features yourself, though it may be cheaper and higher quality to purchase those.

Keep in mind that GA isn't free either; you pay with data.

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