Okay Fedeverse, which design do you prefer:

White boxes on dark, or dark boxes on white?

@GetTogetherComm white on dark, this looks less separated (maybe because the dark version also has a border) and modern. The dark on white looks like an oldish 90s website, where they added boxes somewhere.

@rugk made a very compelling argument @GetTogetherComm, which changed my mind to white on dark.

@GetTogetherComm I think I prefer the dark boxes, it seems to make it easier to see the compartmentalization of the info


White box on "dark" though really dark themes might be tough.

@GetTogetherComm I don't see the point of the boxes in the first place.

@faissaloo Just trying to visually separate the different sections of the page

@GetTogetherComm white on dark (or maybe dark on white, but without the borders?)

@GetTogetherComm the one to the left, but remove the outter white trim on that grey, it looks like something out of 2007

@GetTogetherComm i almost didnt see the difference till i clicked out of window view to see the images.

the shaded background looks better then the shades boxes.

@GetTogetherComm white on dark. better readability, box borders look outdated

The darker the better so white boxes on dark

And everthing darker like mastodon ^^

@melunaka That's what we've gone with for now. The borders are very subtle, but they're there

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