No to .io, yes to .xyz

Post targeted at all the developers out there. Choose your wisely.

Interesting, my post on, tagged with *web*, has been voted 4 times as "off-topic".

I mean, sure, but... What is more on-topic than TLDs and web domains? 🤔

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@yarmo after the brexit/.eu shennanigans, I'm over buying ccTLDs, I have .xyz and .me domains which are both decent alternatives. Moving my email from .uk is going to be a long and painful process

@stardot Agreed with all but one point :)

.me is Montenegro's ccTLD domain 🙄

@yarmo maybe I need another one then, though I quite like my .me domain 😞

@stardot there are no controversies surrounding .me as far as I know :)


I agree about using .io TLD. However, from my past experience, .xyz TLD has often been used by cheap or shady sites.

What do you think about using .org TLD?

@danyspin97 Honestly, I shouldn't have put so much emphasis on xyz... xyz because of cheap can be associated with shady stuff. So I say let's all use it and drown it in good stuff 😀

But any gtld is fine.

org (AS LONG AS ICANN KEEPS ITS GREEDY FINGERS OFF IT) is perfect, especially if you aim bigger!

There's .tech, .systems, .computer, there's so much choice

@yarmo Someone went down a wikipedia rabbit hole! 😉 Interesting stuff.

@karan oooooow I just noticed 😲 so sorry!

Please note, I'm just pointing out the story and sharing my opinion. I do not judge other for choosing their domains.

@yarmo I know all good. I read it hours ago and pretty much agreed with all your points (and learned about the history - thanks for that).

I've wanted to have a secondary domain but I have to many (private) services that it wouldn't be worth it.

@yarmo I've had worse. About 3 of my submissions have been removed, and many downvoted. Its worth it to keep the discussion on topic though.

@freddyym @yarmo yeah, I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve got from having 3 posts on the front page to being kicked off haha.

@yarmo it is not a web domain. Domains are used to give IP adresses a human readable label. You use domains not only to access the web (as in web pages/sites) but also for emails, XMPP, and pretty much everything else, where you don't use IP adresses directly. Hence domains are on topic for the net for sure, but "web" sound more like the Stack of HTTP(s), HTML, CSS, JS and webservers.
However I agree with the point of your blogpost, so my argue is only about distingishuing net vs. web.

@uniporn fair point! I couldn't find a single tag that was more appropriate. Should have looked in the archives, see what tags were used for the ICANN/org stories…

@yarmo Another thing I see against .io is how to me it is associated with a hip startup-like culture which is insanely driven of competition to what I can see. That also is a value I see in contrast to FOSS which is founded on the strong opposite, namely cooperation.

@uniporn a well-worded argument and on point! FOSS really deserves its own TLD 😑

@yarmo If .coop was with a more reasonable prize I think I would favor it. The way it is I will stay with .org as to me it stands for a culture of stuff happening not for a deadline, but because someone decided they want it to happen (like with wikipedia (depending on the community, for sure, but in a very general perspective)). Giving FOSS its own TLD also would mean to pick it out of the context of commoning it stands in. Like squating would need its own TLD, too, wouldn't it?

@yarmo Ok, that point is not a very good one :D

@uniporn I get what you're saying! If there's a .car, we don't need a .ecar tld. There are techy and organizational tld, so why one specific for foss?

I see some useless tlds out there, I really don't think one with the load of representing the foss community would be out of place. But then, who would govern it…

We're not in a bad spot, we have plenty of choice already :)

> I see some useless tlds out there
Absolutely :D I think this is what made me reconsider - there is no need for any kind of pure-ism on the topic of labels that are for humans.

The question of gouvernance is an important one, for sure. Especially in the face of the .org hassle which would have to be expected again...

@yarmo I've received so many spam emails from .xyz tlds that I've just gone ahead and blocked *.xyz. If you search ".xyz spam" you can see I'm not the only person with this problem. I personally definitely do not recommend .xyz as your tld.

@thomasboxley do you just block emails from it? Or do you also prevent browsing on .xyz domains?

@yarmo What are some 2 letter gTLDs? Most are ccTLDs as far as I know?

@Luke yeah, I don't know if these even exist :(

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