On the , it's rare to see a day go by without extremely toxic back-and-forth between team and team . I'll be honest, the topics of discussion confuse me, I do not know enough about security and what not.

But the absolute vility.

Help me understand.

Also, will the fediverse survive this or should we be ready to move on? Because if every camp bullies until one is left then the fediverse will be in no better place than twitter: toxic wasteland ruled by one.

@yarmo The Fediverse will survive. It's survived worse.

When did the back-and-forth get toxic, instead of joking? A year ago it was downright friendly.

@wizzwizz4 Ever since I registered my account, I remember bad toots surrounding pleroma vs mastodon. At this moment right now, I'm watching well I don't even know how to describe this "conversation" between an ex pleroma dev and people on team mastodon.

The thing is, the fediverse IS diversity. I will not participate in the digital equivalent of a dictatorship.

@yarmo the interesting thing to note is that the exchanges are often between people running the software, not the developers themselves.

@sean true! and they all defend the developer of the software they are running. Religious war vibes.

I wonder if federated networks are doomed because of this human flaw. Maybe peer to peer is where it's at…

@sean @yarmo

indeed, it is mostly mastodon users spreading the FUD they were told by other mastodon users in some attempt to cover for Gargron's lack of security knowledge.

the Pleroma devs *I* know would much rather just not do this. I left Pleroma dev because I am so sick and tired of this shit.
@sean @yarmo

like, the goal of demonstrating Mastodon's security issues in Pleroma is so that Mastodon will rip out broken features and they can work together to build secure replacements. this isn't about enabling harassment, but about putting sunlight on real problems. anybody who wants to harass somebody else doesn't need to use Pleroma, they can download Mastodon source, grep for "blocked?" and delete all relevant lines of code. it takes 5 minutes or less to do, even for a total noob.

@kaniini @sean thanks for your input, sounds sane to point out flaws in each others software to end up with a better project. Where do you see this whole thing going?

@yarmo @sean i see this going nowhere, because Gargron does not have to reflect on mistakes, instead his cult of personality defends him by making anyone who demonstrates real problems in Mastodon "problematic."
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