Two climate communication lessons I'm trying to learn.

1) Open with a positive future worth fighting for and then bring the facts. Storming in with the depressing reality makes people freeze up. See: mental contrasting + implementation intentions.

2) De-emphasize science in activism. I'm guilty of overplaying the role of the scientific research in my writing. If we are ever going to build a global mass movement for climate action, knowing all of the facts by heart must not be a prerequisite.


We are reading Becky Chambers' _A Psalm for the Wild-Built_ as bedtime reading in our family. It is a wonderful example of a compelling solarpunk narrative, richly described but not too technical, and the world it portrays is comfortingly sane. Just as the SFF of my childhood was full of Huge Rockets Conquering Space, this other kind of green speculative fiction is a powerful way to create the possibility of real transformation...and survival.

I've mixed views on that. The fossil-fuel industry have spent decades distorting the facts with fake science, it's important to be aware of what is credible and evidence based, and to challenge lies.
I agree we don't need a degree in stats or climatology, but a healthy interest should be encouraged.
I also agree a narrative driven approach is essential to engaging a wider audience, give them a scenario they can relate to with optimism rather than constant doom.

@LearnTribe @ttiurani I agree with LearnTribe. The science must not be neglected, or the conversation just becomes another stupid religion.

@TheFerridge @LearnTribe Yes, agreed. The de-emphasizing I'm talking about is for grassroots movement building, to make everyone feel welcome no matter how poor their knowledge of the crisis is.

Leveraging science in the messaging of activist groups is of course absolutely crucial because science is in full support of the demands.

@ttiurani The green future the climate needs has lots of good points even if the climate didn't need it.

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