Got @gentoo installed on my 'Lemote yeeloong' laptop, surprisingly easy to install. And it has a fully useable desktop straight away.

@stigatle I didn't know those were still being made. Is that a newer model or old?

@claudiom It's the last model they sold. 8089_B, I bought it 6 years ago. My favorite computer!

@stigatle Nice. I still have my old EeePC 901 but it needs a new battery and power brick. Nothing as exotic as yours, though. 😉

@claudiom Ah yes, EeePC - I have one of those somewhere in the basement too! I have honestly not used it for anything since it was bought, it was my girlfriend who bought it, and she never used it.

@claudiom @stigatle My eeePC RX101 is running here, serving as media and download box. Quite handy with the battery as poor man's USV.

@vinzv @stigatle I'm thinking of reviving it and putting either a BSD or Haiku on it.

@stigatle doesn't sounds like the Gentoo I used to know

@stardot It was a stage4 tarball with everything included, so I did not have to compile everything from source to get it up and running.

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