Got Marlyn and our kids out for a walk this morning. These images shows why I love doing that.

@stigatle I would love to do that and I just love walking and hiking in general. The problem is my kids don't, and me having to listen to whining the entire time pretty much sucks the joy out of it for me too.


@mike I've gone through that too. But what helps is to tell them in advance, then day before or earlier. I bring snacks ('healthy' biscuits) (lots of it) and water bottles, then when we are out I try to find things for them to do while walking, for example teach them how to see the trail markings, then we see who can see the next ones first and so on. Whining will always be there, but it helps a lot. And they will be greatfull later on when they grow up and think about the nice trips they had.

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