Tbh I don't understand why /now pages are popular. Just removed mine.

@ru I'm thinking of removing too. Now that I've started writing monthly status updates, I don't see them serving much purpose.

@ashshuota Exactly. I guess a now page might be a bit more ephemeral if you believe nobody is archiving those pages from time to time.

@ashshuota (which is to say it does have one sort of benefit)

@ru I was just considering adding one, lol.

@ru I don’t really see the point of them, that’s why I’ve never added one.

@kev @ru I like the idea of them, but they have to be updated frequently otherwise they lose meaningful context.

@pimoore @kev @ru I update mine once a month for me. I really like having it there as a little bit of accountability, if nothing else. Though mine is also a simple list of things I'm working on that month vs a whole page or anything fancy.

@chris @pimoore @kev Yeah I don’t know who’s going around opening your now page over and over over a period of time. And then make it a bunch. And it just sounds unrealistic.

A blog post might be nicer and more fitting I think. Or a microblogging service similarly.

@ru @chris @kev The more I think about this, the more I like the idea of updating your status through ongoing posts. It serves as a public journal of sorts, as well as a way of seeing progress or change over time.

@ru Granted, mine’s a bit outdated, but nothing it says is wrong either. As we say, “If it doesn’t help, at least it won’t hurt.”

@ru Thanks for the reminder! Just updated mine for the first time since August 2021 😅

@ru I’m fond of mine:

That’s basically what a /now page is, right? 🤣

@a That's actually very fancy in a sea of HTTP based stuff lol.

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