There should be a mandatory distinction between:

• *FREE* (libre and gratis) WiFi
• Login protected but public access WiFi
• Paid-for WiFi

It's literally just a case of using a slightly different advertisment sticker.

@puffinux also between:
- WiFi with internet access
- WiFi with partial internet access (some ports blocked)
- WiFi with web access only
- WiFi with MITMed web access only

That's a good point actually. Sometimes it's really specific what you can actually do on the connection.

@puffinux and considering that most of new applications, from webmail to chat to music players, works over http[s] these days, and even DNS can go over https with DoH, it's becoming easier for hotspot providers to block all the ports except 80 and 443 :/

What is the result of this? I don't know anything about ports really.

@puffinux basically, in the TCP protocol, which is what most application-specific network protocols (like http or irc) use underneeth, every host (i.e. every IP address) has ports numbered from 1 to 65565. When some program tries to listen to incoming network connections, it chooses one of the ports, and tells the operating system "I will handle all traffic for this port". Eg. a http servers uses port 80 by default, but you can configure it for any other port.

Then when some client program tries to connect to that http server, it tells the OS eg. "connect me to IP address, tcp port 80" and the OS puts that as the destination of the network packet it sends.
Then when the host whose address is receives that packet, the OS looks up which program is currently holding port 80, and directs the connection to that program.

So for example, you could make your server's sshd listen on port 80, and tell your ssh client to use port 80 for that server.

But then when someone tries to put your server's address in their web browser, the browser expects that on port 80 there will be some http server. But instead, it gets something that sshd responds with, which the browser doesn't understand, so it displays an error message.

@Wolf480pl @puffinux

And WiFi with no Internet access at all. Like a local mesh network <3

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