I'm going to be blogging about the build process and coding of a robot for PiWars in Cambridge, UK. I'm wondering whether posting updates about the blog and the build would be acceptable here? They wouldn't be really regular. At most I'd post one blog entry per week and link to it in a toot, (most likely much less regularly than that), and toot more regularly as a form of microblogging the process.

Out of all my accounts, this instance is the most closely aligned to what I'll be doing. But I don't want to dilute the focus on FLOSS that you've successfully maintained.

@puffinux @fosstodon I think it’s a great idea. I know many of our members would find those posts very interesting. If you wanted to write more long-form, there’s always the Hub -

I’m on my iPad and be bothered singing in to the Fosstodon account. 😁

Okay, thanks. I've briefly looked into blogging options— I think I'm going to go with either or, but perhaps I could put a compilation of the best bits on the hub now and again?

@kev @poetgrant @karthik @ktweed @alcinnz @codesections @fatboy @iah
Bad news I'm afraid. My entry to PiWars was rejected, so I don't have a competing place. However, I'm still going to go ahead with the build of this robot -- just not strictly with the aim of eventually competing. But... I've spoken to the organisers and I know that teams drop out at any time including on the day, so I might still be in with a chance 😉

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